Saturday, 31 March 2012

Flames of War late war campaign pt 2


This game saw me and my dad continue our campaign with a 2000pts free for all game. The game ended with neither side capturing a objective but the British manged to destroy an extra platoon of Germans so took the game 3 - 2 on points giving them a slight advantage going into the next game. Below are some pictures and comments of the game unfolding.........

British 25 pdrs with a mortar platoon and rifle platoon guard the right flank objective, opposite is a platoon of Panzer IV's, sd kfz 222/223 Reece platoon and a panzergrenadier platoon

British Humbers and rifle platoon defend the central objective just outside the ruined village, German pak 38's and a A/A 2cm platoon and a Neb 15cm rocket battery are deployed opposite 
British armour masses on the left flank, a platoon of Sherman's and Crocodiles supported by wasps a rifle platoon and a HMG platoon in the wood. Opposite is a platoon of stuG's and a panzer grenadier platoon with attached HMG's

The pak 38 guns shoot at and destroy one of the Humbers which have encroached into the village

I launched my attack on my left flank with all my forces moving full steam ahead, a British fighter plane arrives but does no damage

My attack goes into full throttle with the sd kfz cars getting into assault range of the rifle platoon under the covering fire from the Panzer IV's, despite hitting the 25pdrs i fail to destroy any from their shooting. The British loose a couple of rifle stands from MG fire
Fighter planes attack the sTUG platoon but fail to damage any as the crocodile platoon advances towards the Panzergrenadier platoon and objective

The 25 pdrs return direct fire at the Panzer's and manage to KO one of them, again the RAF turn up but this time their numbers are thinned down from A/A fire and the one remaining plane fails its re roll to hit roll

The pak 38's push up into the village where they again manage to KO a Humber 

A stuG  makes a dash out from cover to get around a crocodiles flank so its shot has a chance of penetrating its armour but the gunners aim is way off the mark!

The humbers destroyed the pak 38 platoon by reducing their numbers under half strength and despite been fearless the remaining gun crew and command abandoned their guns and fled. The Humbers pushed on to the flank of the A/A guns but had Humber KO for there troubles, this in turn led to the remainder of the British Reece platoon to flee from the table

The crocodiles now in range started to unleash their flame throwers causing casualties on the panzergrenadier platoon

The sd kfz launch an assault into the British rifle platoon, one of their cars are KO by a 25 pdr in defensive fire (again despite 6 shots from my Panzer's i couldn't destroy any of the 25pdrs). After a couple of rounds of shooting the rifle platoon repel the assault

The 25pdrs KO a further 2 Panzer IV's (i think i picked a fire fight with the wrong target tonight!) and the remaing sd kfz armoured car is destroyed. The remaing Panzer IV passes his motivation test to remain in the fight. The panzergrenadier platoon is hit enough times to pin the platoon, my attack has hit a brick wall and won't be going any further!

The Sherman's seize their chance and spring from cover to destroy the stuG and the crocodiles close in on the objective but fail to hit the remaing stuG's

My left flank falls back from the British defences with the lone Panzer IV retreating behind the cover of the wood leaving the burning wrecks of German tanks and armoured cars behind them.
Posted by PicasaThe game ends with the British taking a narrow points lead into the 3rd game of the campaign

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