Friday, 10 November 2017

A game of Sigmar

I had my first experience playing Warhammer Sigmar last weekend and it was definitely an encouraging one. This variant of the old warhammer game I played a few years ago has been totally transformed and I must admit for the better. When Sigmar came out a few years ago I just dismissed it without really been interested in giving it ago, moving away from 28mm fantasy battles to start different historical projects, really I think I just dismissed it as been a glorified skirmish game. Well here are at the present day and I openly admit I called that one wrong, last weekends game really ignited my intest again in 28mm Fantsy wargaming. I found warhammer Sigmar to be a really fun set of rules and both my dad and myself had a really enjoyable afternoons gaming. My dad has been steadily buying/painting the Storm Cast eternal and Blood gods armies and had enough done to have a decent size game. We played a open war game drawing a random card for deployment etc etc. The mission was nice and simple, scoring a certain number of points for models killed and double points for characters killed

The Warband of the blood gods played by yours truly 
My dad played the lesser numbered but equally powerful storm cast eternal
The game managed to last for the full five turns, despite my dads army having only two models remaining  at the end of the game he still managed to grab victory by the narrowest of margins. On my last turn I charged the remains of my blood Redvers into the Stormcast eternally general mounted on a monsterous beast just for a laugh to see if they could drag him down. Little did I realise that at this stage I was winning the game on points scored and did not need to charge the General, what happened next was the monsterous beast got very angry, wiped out every last model of the blood reavers giving my dad a 80-77 point victory, the demise of the blood Redvers in that one moment had lost me the game 😂😂😂😂😂
Skull crushers of Khorne trample underfoot the Liberators, these boys hit hard!
A Hellbeast is riddled with arrows from storm cast eternals bowmen (judicators?)
Blood reavers emerge from the undergrowth

The blood God warriors start to turn the eternals flank as the game tips in the chaos favour
All our troops finally clash in a long line of combat
The blood warriors clashing with the a Storm cast eternal icon bearer
The storm cast external line is just about broken
The Storm cast eternal infantry Are finally destroyed to a man
The infamous charge by the blood reavers.......
....and the outcome of that fateful charge......
The battlefield shows only troops in red armour remaining on the field aside from the storm cast eternal characters but this wax still not enough to se her victory.

We made one or two rule errors during the game and obviously forgot about certain abilities but the game was highly enjoyable and I am looking  forward to the next one, next time keeping track of my points scored during the game ha ha.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

A Saturday afternoons WSS gaming

We had a cracking game last weekend using volley and Baynot rules to fight a straight foward meeting engagement WSS battle which saw me take command of the English army against my dad who commanded the French and allies. Our armies on deployment pretty much mirrored each other with my right flank in particular set to have a massive cavalry engagement.
The front line French infantry ready to march into musket range to engage the English 
My left flank was the weakest part of my deployment so I tasked the brigade to hold along a hill line and allow the French and Bavarians to advance onto my position as I was outnumbered 2-1 in brigades. My Dragoons in support had a thankless task of trying to repell 4 regiments of Bavarian Currasiers!
With my left flank stationary my centre brigade with 2 regiments of guards moved into the centre of the battlefield in a race to the high ground with the French infanty, both our brigades reached the hill at the same time although the French got the jump of having the first turn so they deployed on the ridge first to ensure that the fire fight was going to be settled at short range
After a couple of moves keeping out of charge range from the Bavarian Currasiers the inevitable charge came and against the odds the Dragoons withstood the charge. Indeed the Dragoons gave a great account of themselves throughout the remainder of the battle as they managed to repel and indeed counter charge against the Currasiers. At the games end the Dragoons brigade finally became broken but the Bavarian Currasiers had by this stage suffered the same fate.
The cavarly engagement on the right flank was not a sucess for my English heavy cavalry who as they have a history of doing so in our games fluffed there charge big style against the French Dragoons. The Austrian currasiers also suffered mixed fortunes, making very heavy work of dispatching the French Dragoons becoming somewhat of a disordered mess for their efforts.
The fire fighting was very heavy in the centre and I got the upper hand after a couple of damaging rounds of shooting, however importantly for my dads French their morale stood the test and they remained in the fight, this kept the centre of the French from falling as they pushed home their superior numbers on my left flank where my holding brigade was starting to feel the pressure.   
The battlefield shows how our lines have closed to engagement across the entire length of the table
The French Dragoons just wouldn't go away and somewhat shockingly for me the English heavy cavalry became spent from fighting, although the French Dragoons had suffered the same fate, my dad had a full fresh brigade of 6 regiments of cavalry already advancing onto my disordered remains of cavalry with only really a couple of regiments of Austrain cavalry to oppose the advance.
The English left flank staring to feel the pressure as the guard unit is broken holding the farm area suffering to many casualties from the combined French musketry fire, crucially due to the French morale holding in the centre my dad doesn't have reenforce his centre and could press home with his large attack on my left.
My English finally break the French centre but the chance had gone to influence the battle, the French brigade holding firm despite suffering casualties had bide enough time for the French to inflict severe casualties onto the English centre in return and blunted the attack.
My British heavy cavarly brigade was lost by this stage although the Austrain Currasiers (well two regiments, the other two ran away when charged!) had launched a brave last stand charge against the reserve heavy French cavalry and managed some sucess and delayed the French advance. The action on this side of the battle had seen a swirling cavarly engagement throughout the whole game time..
Finally my left flank collapsed as the Bavarians pushed home with the final attack, the weight of numbers had finally told and my morale throws at this stage of the game, well  not going to pass comment on them!!!! 
The final scene of the battle, all them nice lines of infantry and cavalry long gone into a chaotic disordered pockets of fighting

Well my dad claimed the victory with his Fench which might possibly be his first fighting myself in this period as recently I have held the upper hand. It was a excellent game which was pretty even until the closing stages. The rules played great, very fast and enabled us to spend more time moving figures and rolling dice than checking rules, this was despite myself been alittle rusty for the first couple of turns, but I won't use this as an excuse for my loss ha ha 😄

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

A dark day for the imperium

"Say hello to my little friend"
We ran another cracking 40k game at the weekend pitching my Blood Angels against my dads Death Guard in a 1750pt Malstrom of War game. The random deployment card saw our troops able to deploy anywhere in your half of the table but 12" away from a enemy unit. We placed six objectives around the table top each one numbered and we were required to have three tactical objectives cards each of our own turns along with slay the warlord, first kill and line breaker objectives. 
I took the the first turn and set about trying to claim the first kill by shooting everything possible at a Death Guard (DG) marine unit in the ruined buildings, slaying all but one DG marine who in my dads turn ran away to hide behind the building so he couldn't be targeted, (to much heckling from myself) denying me a objective point for first kill
My dad wasted no time in teleporting in his Terminator squad who landed on the walkway and immediately made the Hellblaster Squad their sole purpose of destroying. I hit this unit with some heavy fire during the course of the game but I could not get a hit on them, even when I bettered their armouror or invunreble save the terminators passed their disgustingly resilient save much to my frustration           
An objective I was tasked to control for two consecutive turns came under attack from a unit of plague bearers, although I bettered the daemons in combat phase I couldn't destroy them all so I couldn't claim the objective as with a Death Guard unit they are always classed as out numbering their opponents (despite the number of models left) to determine who controls (within 3") the objective. This  rule was to prove my undoing on a number of occasions during the course of the game.
Typhus and the Deathshroud Guard teleport into the action, both units needing to roll 9 on 2d6 rolled a 11 on the dice to charge upon the doomed Incessor squad who were easily dispatched.
Typhus and his bodyguard consolidated towards the Blood Angels Tactical squad denying them the chance to shoot at the DG terminators just as I was  readying myself to unleash the rapid fire weapons and heavy plasma cannon.
A unit of pox walkers make a chance charge across to support the plague bearers locked in combat with the tactical squad, however they failed their charge roll and where left to the mercy of the Ball predator twin assault cannon which accounted for every last one of them!
With the Baal predator tank switching its attentions elsewhere the (coward) traitor Plague Maine plucks up the courage to rejoin the fight from his hiding hole even daring to shot its blight launcher...this DG marine will be a marked man? In games from now on!
I finally manage to destroy the last plague bearer but they have defined me from claiming any objective point for holding the objective for a number of turns. With the Tactical squad suffering heavy casualties it's not long until the rest of the unit is shot down by a combination of terminator combi bolsters and some physic spells. A error in judgement by committing my Warlord into the combat now saw him positioned so that he was now the closest model to the enemy so inevitably he was the Focus of much of the DG shooting with the Defiler in particular causing my warlord to lose half his wounds (this proved vital towards the end of the game as  a Deamon prince was able to quite easily claim the remaining 3 wounds in combat claims a victory point for slay the warlord)
I teleported in my Chaplain and terminator assault squad in an attempt to deny my dad some objective points, although I failed the first charge dice I spent a command point on re rolling a dice which resulted in the charge been sucessful. With the presence of the chaplain the thunder hammers of the Assault squad make short work of a DG marine squad 
A bombardment of shoots from the chaos Defiler saw the rhino reduced to only two remaining wounds and the Deatshroud Guards took full advantage destroying the transport vehicle, the disembarking tactical squad only lost one of their numbers by some good fortune.
With the game slipping away from my blood Angels I made one last desperate charge with my assault terminators who could not quite inflict enough damage on the plague bearers with the Chaplain been slain in the previous round of combat denying me the vital to hit re rolls, to destroy them alowing my dad to claim yet another one of his objectives.
With a distinct lack of marines left on the table top left to claim any of objectives I made a desperate run to secure an objective with my librarian but his terminator armour proved to clumsy and he fell short and was quickly surrounded by the DG Terminators and daemon prince  who fresh from killing my Blood Angels warlord was keen to add another character to his kill tally.
When it's your lucky day you can't do much wrong and so it proved when my dad generated  these two cards on turn 5. It just so happened that Typus was within a couple of inches of objective three at that exact moment with not a single blood Angel in sight to stop him. I don't think it will be possible for my dad to score a easier 5! Objective points again as long as we play, this phase of play saw any slight chance of a blood Angels victory slip away.
And so the game ended at the end of turn 5 as I failed the dice roll to continue to turn 6 although this was a blessing as the tiny remains of my army would surely have fallen had the game continued. In tne end the score was 15-5 in victory points to my dads Death Guard. The game certainly was not as one sided as the score suggests and seen the number of slain Death Guard models would hold testament to that, and it was a very evenly balanced game victory point wise until the last 2 turns where the game slipped away from me. The Death Guard proved to be a very tough army, in particular in this game where my dad had a lot of sucess with his disgustingly resilient save on a number of occasions. This day belonged to the forces of Chaos but be warned those Gods of Chaos are fickle....,next time....
The end of the game at turn 5.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Maelstrom of war 40k game

At the weekend we had another try at 40k this time using one of the the malstrom of war scenarios so we could have a try at using the tactical objective cards and upped the points of our armies to 2000. This was maybe a little ambitious as we had only just reached turn five when our time ran out,(still forgetting a lot of rules in the codex of the armies) however at this stage of the game my blood Angels had amassed a decent lead in objective points and my dads chaos marines would probably have struggled to over take this amount. In this particular game the cards drawn favoured myself as the objectives happened to be in my deployment zone. The high light for my blood Angels was the destruction of the Defiler who became the centre of attention when I drew a card gaining victory points for destroying a model of 10 wounds or more as pretty much my entire army targeted the said model, in particular the devastor squad lascannon proved very effective causing 12 of the defillers wounds. Again it was a fun game and definetly the game play has improved massively since we last played warhammer 40k a number of years ago. 

Plague bearers take shelter around the Defiler 
A tactical squad in support of the the devastor squad who whomwas making their debut on the table
The Chaos rhino advances down the road transporting a squad of chaos marines as the DG plague marines defend the ruins
The chaos Lord cares into the dreadnought with both sides inflicting casualties in the combat Roun.
The Thunder hammer and shield terminators teleport onto the board and challenge for the objective by charging the unit of place bearers
The building Beamer worth D3 victory points at the start of turn 3 the Sangullian guard swooped down from the skies to protect the devastor and scout squad holding the objective from any deep striking chaos troops
The blood Angel terminators were charged by the death shroud guard who's massive scythed weapons eventually over come the terminators invulnerable save  
The dreadnought locked in combat with the chaos Lord  was swamped by the chaos marines who disembarked from the rhino and a couple of demonettes  who had survived a salvo of Bolter shots the previous turn. The result saw the dreadnought dragged down but not before it exploded killing the demonettes and  chaos Lord
The Deamon Prince readies its self to charge against the space marine tactical squad 
Chaos raptors drop from the skies ready to assault the Baal predator tank
The Sanguinary guard score victory points for holding the chapel which was quite apt I felt

The devastor squad and scouts hammer the final killing shots into the chaos Defiler destroying the chaotic machine scoring yet more victory points for the blood Angels 
Bloodletters are summound and they reenforce the DG marines in the ruins

The battlefield at the start of turn 5 where we had to call it a day due to time. 
This weekend should see my dad fielding a death guard (DG) force in full so I'm  currently having a read of the DG codex to prepare myself for the game, some scary stuff indeed coming my way 😱