Sunday, 5 October 2014

Derby world Wargames show

On Saturday we made the trip down to Derby for the annual wargames show held at Donnington race track. It's a show I look forward to as I know there will be definitely something which I'll buy and been a big show usually has plenty of games to view, also I was unable to attend Sheffield this year so it feels a long time since I have been to a show.
 Anyhow onto the day, after arriving just after 10am thanks to road works and 50mile an hour speed restrictions on the motorway the venue seemed to be busy with plenty of cars already parked up. Inside the trade was good, after a quick look round and managing to pick up a copy of Blackpowder for £15 our first stop was to see if Pendraken had brought our order down with them, which I am pleased to say they had. The order was for my Old Guard brigade with commanders and all the limbers I will need for my artillery along with 3 more regiments of Cuirassiers and some flags. Next up was Magister Militum were I bought myself a pack of 12pdr artillery and old guard gun crews along with a a packet of Old Guard Grenadier A Cheval to go with my Old Guard. I had to buy Napoleon while I was there along with Davout, Ney and Murat with a female companion and I also picked up a packet of Ammunition Wagons because they looked nice! I also picked up a few bits and bods for my German and American WW2 armies in the form of a massive Yagdtiger for Fall of the Reich games, a pack of two German supply trucks and a M10 Hellcat and a pack of Recee jeeps for my Americans. The jeeps as it turned out I have already bought earlier this year so i will have to stick them up on eBay!
There was no bring and buy this year (I knew this in advance) which was a little disappointing as you never know what bargains you might find. There was plenty of games but none really had that Wow factor. Derby games had a nice WW1 game, the figures had been excellently painted and I quite liked the old hammer fantasy game which had some vintage games workshop models and interesting conversions. Some of the WW2 games and the Vietnam game of Apocalypse now were nice and the AWI game with an attack on the fort was very pretty. However I was a little disappointed in the couple of Napolionic games I saw, not quite what I was expecting. I had a quick look around the competition games of which there was plenty but these really don't have any appeal to me, I just wanted a nose at the different ancient armies. 
At around 2pm we decided to head home, All in all the show was good and I spent plenty of money which is always a good sign for a show!

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