Saturday, 1 November 2014

ACW Regimental encounter

Finally I've getting around to updating my blog with last weekends game due to a few late call outs to work. We ran ACW fire and fury game, this time using the Regimental rule set. I decided to use the Union forces and my dad took the Rebs. 

Our units morale and stanima values are rolled for before the game at random, for the best part my troops were trained with the odd green mixed amongst them including my cavalry unit, my guns were crack and all my generals were rated excellent so would confer a +1 to my command rolls. My Dads Rebs had a couple of crack units mixed among them and a few more green than me. The Reb cavalry were crack and the guns were trained, the Rebel commanders were indecisive so would confer a -1 to their command rolls. Our forces started off table although we wrote down were each brigade would enter. The Mansions at each end of the table were classed as objectives as was the church in the middle of the board. Been in control of these has an effect on command rolls of your opponent.

Union troops enter the table and run to secure the church objective and to take control of the centre table.

Rebel forces enter the table in attack lines and head towards the union forces advancing at the centre line

More Union forces enter on the right flank to form a defensive line along the wood line and small farm yard, the troops defending the farm yard were green with a average stanima, the rest of the brigade were trained with one crack of good stanima.

The union troops form behind the fence lines ready to engage in a fire fire fight with the advancing Rebs

The Rebes launch a strong attack against the union right and in particular target the green union regiment holding the farm yard.

The union cavalry beat there opposite number to reaching the mansion on the right and dismount and take control by occupying the building.

The Unions start their own attack on the right next to the mansion headed by a crack regiment, the Rebs take cover in the woods as a fire fight erupts across the fields.

The Rebel forces on the hill start to suffer heavy casualties on the hill in the face of heavy fire from the Union infantry and supporting artillery. 

Across on the right the Union crack regiment supported by a trained regiment make in roads and force the rebel troops in the wood to rout.

Seen the rebel forces taking heavy losses the union troops advance to point blank range on the alert flank. The Rebels on the hill are driven back but the regimentent of rebels in the wood are made of strong stuff and charge and drive back the attacking union regiment back across the crop field.

The Rebels charge into the green union troops holding the farm yard and make short work of driving the unit out in a spent condition.

The momentum starts to swing as the rebel Cavalry drive out the union cavalry from the mansion objective and secure it for themselves.

Spent, low on ammo and at a -1 morale the union regiment is destroyed after the Rebels follow up after driving them from the farm yard.

Around this stage my union forces had suffered enough casualties to pass their break point. Although thus does not end the game it does make you suffer when it comes to your command rolls, at this stage of the game I was at a -4 on the dice roll roll most of my troops, with these factors my entire right flank in the face of Rebs attack collapsed and all but my crack unit who retreated in good order turned tail and fled in dramatic fashion in one command phase, my right flank was finished as a fighting force. 

With my right flank in disarray my Dad started to turn onto my left flank towards my artillery on the hill and attack the churchyard. The Reb attack on the church yard was uncusesful and repelled, but two of the union guns were damaged as the the rebel infantry opened fire upon them.  The union crack guns still held their position though.

Not all was going bad for the union as I managed to break my  Dads right flank, as three regiments of rebels were broken in the attack meaning the Rebs had passed their break point to putting their command roll at a disadvantage. With both armies now struggling with command due to the minuses to the command rolls we had fought each other to a stalemate. Both our right flanks had collapsed and we had suffered almost the same amount of casualties so at this stage we called the game a draw.

The Rebel left flank at the end of the game, only the crack Rebel regiment in the wood remained.

With the union troops in full flight the rebel forces advance to take the ground on the union right.

A rip roaring game played to a bloody standstill. The collapse of my right flank was dramatic and really captured the feel of the rules.  Overall I really enjoyed using the regimental version of fire and fury.