Friday, 9 January 2015

What's in store for 2015 and a little bit of Hail Caesar.....

Christmas over for another year and with the start of a new year I have started to give abit of thought on what my next project will be. No doubt I will be adding to my existing armies, my WW2 armies i constantly add to so I can't see it been any different this year! For my Napolionics French I would like to add another division of infantry, possibly done as Italians and my Macedonian force is complete (well for now anyhow). An early candidate for a new project is the war in Sudan 1882. I saw a superb Sudanese army on Pendrakens forum which really peaked my interest, especially the mounted Cammel units (what is not to like). If I venture down this road I will be using the tried and trusted Blackpowder rules so I think il order a copy of the Blood on the Nile supplement book to have alook at the forces to see if this twists my arm into doing them. The first show of the year and my personal favourite at York is just around the corner so no doubt the spending will begin down there and il probably head back home with more Fuzzy Wuzzies than I can handle :)
I managed to get a game in with my dad, despite him sounding like Marlon Brando on the Godfather due to a recent bout of flu. We ran a Hail ceaser "what if game" pitting my Macedonians against my Dads Chinnese army. The game was evenly balanced when we ran out of time with both sides losing a division each. Although my Phalanxs were turning the screw in the center of the Battlefield pushing the Chinese infantry back they were starting to become out of position so were becoming vulnerable to a counter attack. The Chinese Chraiots made short work of one Macedonian cavalry divisions and on the other flank both sides cavalry had fought to a stalemate. It was a interesting game aginst two evenly matched armies, I look forward to crossing paths with them again.
Here are a few photos of the game... 


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