Friday, 12 June 2015

The Undead are here....

Having just returned from a family holiday in the sunny land of Ibiza I got a nice surprise when my dad during this time had painted all my undead figures for my new Warbands army, So I've taken a few photos of the units to show you how they look. The figures are for the most part Pendraken and magister Militum, only the spirt horde are Kilistra. I had decided to do both the Vampie and undead armies as quite a few of the units can be used in boh army lists, e.g Bats, Wolves, Gouls etc.
And as I stated in a earlier post I have used the theme I had in my warhammer Vampire counts army, so now I have a mini version :). Anyhow up first is the undead army,

Undead Spearman and H/W shield warriors all with the Black and red colour scheme.

Durrhhhh Brains errrrrrr....... Zombie Hordes 

The undead missile troops, Archers, A Screamimg skulls catapult and Boltthrowers.

Undead Cavalry and Chariots and a Spirt Horde.

Bat Swarms and Undead Carrion (use as Vultures)

My Undead Lord mounted on a Zombie Dragon

Next up Here is the Vampire army

My thrall warriors (well peasants really just thought they made nice town folk) and archers

Howl howl...its a full moon Werewolves and dire Wolves

A unit of mummies (used for Crypt Gouls) and two ghoul hordes.

Banshees (these il use as Revenants), Gargoyles and the back stand is a unit of lesser vampires (7 vampires as in the seven golden vampires for those old enough to remember the film)

My Liece Priest or Necromancer to be used for both armies, this base has some kind of ritual going on, I hate to think what it maybe...

The only thing missing from my army is my Vampire Lord soTomorrow I'll be attending the Durham Wargames show where I will be picking up what I requie to complete my lord base and a unit of grave grubs to thrown into the mix to. I can't wait to see how my vampire Lord looks when it gets its finishing piece but I'm not going to be giving any clues until it's finished :) one of the armies will get a run out on Sunday against my dads Dwarves, which one I'm not to sure yet. 

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