Monday, 19 October 2015

Stand to Shildon Show demonstration game

On Sunday Robbie, my dad, myself and Colin made the short trip over to Shildon for the Stand to wargames show been held at the train Museum to do a demonstration game. Robbie had chosen to use his Republic of Venice  army against an invading Ottoman Turks, set during their war in Greece. The rules used were Pike and Shotte. Here are some photos of tne game,

One of my Turkish light cavalry commands

The massed ranks of pikes in centre of the Italian army 

My dads cavalry command, the Mercenary Gendarmes were to weak havoc against my light cavalry 

The cavalry battle unfolding, neither sides light cavalry could muster a hit between them with there bow fire so we ended up getting stuck into melee. The only sucess I had was when my 4year old daughter Peyton rolled the dice for me and won one of the combats followed by plenty of high fives and whooping from us. However this sucess was short lived when my daughter left and I was once again in charge of the dice rolling and things went from bad to worse

My personal favourite unit on display, there is so much character to the unit.

The fight in the centre of the battlefield,it seemed at this stage that both Robbie and Colin were having a contest on who could roll the most blunders!

After declining to follow orders and move for much of the game,the elite troops of the Turkish army (not that it takes much) finally move to support the centre, all a little to late.

The Turkish light cavalry fleeing the battle field.

The Italian centre gets to grips with the Turkish infantry

This unit of gendarmes,part of my dads cavalry command accounted for the collapse of my left flank, sweeping all that lay in front of them as this poor infantry unit found out tne hard way. 

So in the end my Dad and Robbie in command of the Italian forces took the victory. Collins flank had faired a lot better than I had managed but the Turkish losses had come at to great a cost. The Game looked very appealing to the eye and was fun to play. Hopefully everybody who attended the show or were just visiting the museum will have enjoyed the game to. 


  1. Neil, the quality of your photographs is far better than the ones I took, you did a lovely job there.Pity about your dice throwing tho'

  2. Enjoyed the pictures and narrative
    your figures look like they are organised as 3x2 cavalry and 3x4 infantry to a unit - which is how I organise my P&S units
    interested in the pike block organisation
    very tempted to follow your excellent example and build a Venetian force
    thanks for sharing