Friday, 24 June 2016


This week saw us turn our attention to the ACW as we were keen to try our hand at the new Warlord games supplement GLORY HALLELUJAH for black powder rules. My dad had been previously using rank and file rules but felt this supplement with all the amendments to the Blackpowder rules would show a good reflection of fighting the ACW period. 

The confederate centre moves hastly towards the central objectives of the farm land
Union infantry and artillery on the March 
The Texas brigade engages in a fierce fire fight over the farm area
More rebels advance towards the fighting in the centre
Massed ranks of Blue uniforms form line behind the picket fences
Out flanked and under heavy fire a rebel regiment has enough and breaks
The 'Oldie' rebel brigade hold the right flank reluctant to engage at close quarters 
Neither side wants to give ground over the centre of the battlefield as the fire fight intensifies 
The union 3rd brigade attacks hard on the right centre of the confederate centre as it starts to waver
The iron brigade advance through the fields as the confederate right flank reels in the face of the fire power
Urged forward by the brigadier and 'Rebel yell' a union regiment is out flanked and broken 
The fight over the farm land hangs in the balance as the rebel troops move to point blank range to use there smoothball to maximum effect to dislodge the stubborn Union defenders
The tough Texan brigade charges over the fences and drives back the union defenders 
A union counter attack sees the rebel attack crumble on the left of centre as the brigade is broken
Artillery fire supports the wavering old brigade of rebels who are desperately hanging on to the right flank

The game played out really well with the new additions to the rules changing the feel from a regular Blackpowder game. The withered rule was particularly different as troops who failed a break test from shooting are not removed from play, instead they give ground,unless they are behind a denfensive position were they can remain, this happened a couple of times with my dad and it proved to be important in the union holding the right centre farm objective. as the Confederate player I just about managed to hang for a draw, my Texan brigade were excellent throughout the game and with their new rules they will prove a very tough brigade to break. The morning session was all my dads as I really struggled with commands rolls and hitting anything with firing, however after dinner my luck changed and I managed to fight my way back into the game. The new rules make it a difficult thing to charge (unless your Texans) with all the minus factors to your command roll so you are encouraged to fire fight which gives the feel of a ACW battle, and also on a few occasions in this battle,encourages you to use the follow me rule (you can imagine your brigadier riding in front of his men, hat in his hand waving above his head encouraging his boys forward) Even interpentrating your troops is not as straight forward as in the main Blackpowder rules giving you something extra to ponder. Overall a thumbs up from me and a very enjoyable game.

The end positions:
The left centre was held by the union as my rebel brigade had broken and was in full retreat
The Texans held the centre after breaking two brigades of unions in the battle over the farms
The right flank of the rebel just about holds the union attack
And a picture of some wagons :-)

The supplement we used, well worth the investment for Blackpowder ACW games with loads of historical scenarios included


  1. Great report. Looking forward to trying the rules out soon

  2. Great report. Looking forward to trying the rules out soon