Sunday, 19 February 2017

Rome versus Carthage

Our last game we played saw me try my hand at commanding the Republican Roman army against the might of Hannibals Carthaginians using our rule choice of Hail Caesar. I had my troops in three divisions with my cavalry as a single division which was hidden behind the hills on the flank. My dad using the Carthaginians had three divisions of infantry with war elephants and a division of cavalry.

Using the Republican Roman army proved to be a real challenge as the army is predominantly small units, something which I have had little experience of using. I didn't really use my Velite troops to well or in the correct way to be honest but this was more down to miss understanding the correct use of role they played in battles and I over looked the fact that they counted towards your break point, as a result of this I used them way to rashly. However if you can coordinate your attack in close combat, getting a couple of these small units especially the tough fighting Hastati who are dispensable not counting towards your break point, in against the Lybian Spearmen proved to be a serious handful for the Carthaginians to handle, although abit of 'rule rust' saw us over look a few rules such as no combat bonus for charging in against long spears to the front.
Not where your Velites need to find themselves!

My Dad announces a charge against the flank of my Hastari, no chance I reply your going to need to roll a double one... Typically my dad rolls a double one...Charge!!!

Routing the Carthaginians skirmishes seemed like a good idea for the Spanish Caetrati, well for a brief moment anyhow....

The Gauls took their time getting involved in the fighting, deciding to to just stand and watch for most of the game to see how the Carthaginians faired, but when they did decide to join in the fight they did so ferociously as the poor old Spainsh Scutarii were to find out first hand.

I just about hung on for a draw, my left flank had been smashed by the Gauls with the Spainsh allies of the Romans had been broken, however a heroic last stand by a unit of Scutarii stopped the Gauls turning the Roman flank when their was still enough time in the game to have a major impact on the outcome. My cavalry faired reasonably well when they decided to move after failing every command throw for the entire game and were on the verge of breaking the Carthaginian cavalry. In the centre both our armies were still in a strong fighting condition to continue. Plenty of food for thought to take from this game and how to handle the Romans tactically, great game again though!


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  3. What sized bases did you use?