Tuesday, 14 March 2017

I've Been busy painting my latest models for the Walking dead game

Rick Grimmes and his fellow survivors 
Derek and some of his fellow bruisers
A batch of walkers (zombies)
Over recent weeks when I've been able to grab an hour here and there on a evening I have been busy painting all the miniatures I currently have for Mantics walking dead game, this included the expansion pack I bought at York wargames show back in February. The models are really well sculptured and they didn't prove to much of a problem to paint, even for someone like myself who really is just starting out painting models.as I've stated in a previous post I want the look of the models to be vibrant , with bright colours, almost comic like, looking at the models once I'd finished the painting and basing I am very happy with the results, here are the latest models to be painted
                                                        Donna and Jim
                                                  Morgan and his son Duane
                                                         Dale and Allen
                                       Walkers, the Punk and police woman

Aside from painting the miniatures for the game I have been getting stuck into some scenery I purchased from TT combats to use in my games. I purchased a Abandoned apartment block, fast food shop and a filling station. I decided to give the buildings alook of been abandoned for some time by adding scatter flock and tufts to them, I also came up with the idea of the flooring for the buildings, they are self adhesive tiles which I purchased again from the pound shop, the fast food store is black and white tiles where as the abandoned apartment block has a wood lament effect. once again I am happy with the outcome although the gluing side of completing the filling station once again proved a challenge , with me been all fingers and thumbs. I have also finished painting all the scenery from the walking dead booster pack and I have also been doing some alterations to the vehicles I have been picking up from the local pound shop to make them fit in with the surrounding scenery I will be using.
                                       The filling station and police truck
                                     The back of the filling station
                                Abandoned apartment block front

                                                          Fast food store
                                                Complete with a tiled floor

With these new painted models and scenery I had to get a game so I persuaded my dad to venture down mine and have a game. Quite what my dad thought of the game I'm not to sure but he seemed like he had abit of fun, he managed to get Rick bitten but still survived the game and shoot down one of my gang members with his very first shot. Despite by my dads own admission that he didn't have a clue what he was doing he still managed to scavenge the most supplies before the threat level was maxed and win the game, which doesn't say much for my game playing does it šŸ˜„
Rick and Jim making a move for the supplies
Derek and Patrick attract the attention of the walkers 
Rick heads for the cover of the filling station as the walkers start to amass around him.

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