Friday, 2 June 2017

Another try at Pickets charge....

Last weekend we had another go at fighting a ACW game using pickets charge rules, this time without a couple of rule errors around the command phase which we had done wrong in our previous game. Once again I can only but commend the rules on what turned out to be a cracking game, there was plenty of highs and lows for both sides and in the later stages of the game It looked like I might be defeated using the Rebs as my Texan brigade began to fold like a pack of cards. However I managed to get them to steady there lines just as it looked like they were about to flee the battlefield and fight my way back in the game as the union left flank eventually started to withdraw after some heavy fighting. A stalemate result in the end but this game was anything but a bore draw. I particularly like the command phase and with some clever use of your staff officers you can really dictate how the battle will be fought, that is however if you can get them to deliver their orders which is not always the case ha ha. Pickets charge are definetly a set of rules which you should explore if you are a ACW wargamer, it gives a great feel for the period your fighting and despite the Rulebook being quite daunting when you turn the front page the game is reasonably easy to play. Here are a few photos of the game, this weekend will hopefully see us fighting a WW2 game to give my Russians and Germans a run out..

The battlefield at set up

The far right hand Reb brigade took a few turns to get their orders through and into the actionô
The Rebel attack on the Union held hill on the Right flank
The thin Rebel line in the centre facing the out numbering Union troops who have just received support from the reserve brigade ,as the Reb reserves become hesitant just as they are needed.
The Texans start to give ground as the Union Irish  brigade push onto the taken ground after out manouver ing the Rebs
The Union troops holding their left flank start to falter and start to retreat away from the hill
The battlefield in the thick of the action
The Union pressure proves to much as a Texan regiment are routed as the brigade starts to falter and retreat 
Desperately the Rebel reserves try to strengthen the central brigade late in the day
Having taken the high ground the rebels consolidate their position
Although faltering and retreating for a couple of turns the Texans manage to rally up and get ready for one last stand against the Irish brigade who have now pushed far into rebel territory 
The final union defenders abandon there position on the hill as they become "tuckered out" after a fierce fire fight with the attacking Reb forces just left of centre on the battle field
Both union and rebel reserves arrived on same table edge and quickly became involved in a desperate fire fight around the wooded area
The Reb reserve brigade at the double 
The highly rated Reb General watches his army steady the battleline


  1. Neil,
    I think your Dad has got his head around the rules, and to be honest even I have a decent understanding now. They are pretty easy to pick up, and give a great feel to a battle. Great looking game by the way.

    1. Cheers Robbie, still the odd thing we are getting wrong but we are getting there ha ha, but having said that rules we been using for years we still find stuff we have been doing wrong 😂

  2. That is a very nicely filled table - looks very good.

  3. Seems to be a beautiful (and bloody!) battle Neil, great looking table and minis!

    1. When them muskets are at short and point blank range it can hurt! Than,s for the comment