Sunday, 16 July 2017

Back to the Ancient times

                                    Indian war elephants

A couple of Sunday's we ran an ancient game using Hail Caesar rules to fight a Alexander sucesser army pitted against the Indian army. As is usual in games I use the Macedonian army I was handicapped with some quite horendous command rolling, in particular my cavalry division which remained staionary for much of the game, which was a crying shame as I had great plans for these cavalry which were heavy armoured and carrying lances  matching the Indian heavy chariots! Still I managed to get into close combat with my Phalanxs with mixed results as my dads shooting with the Indians having a off day. The game ended in a draw which was probably a fair reflection of the game with both sides having lost  a couple of divisions and both sides having sucess in different quarters ofthe battle  field. Although frustrating at times the game was a good fun and it's always nice to see these 15mm troops on the table top. Here are some photos of the game unfolding........


  1. Great looking units. Who makes the figures?

  2. Neil,
    The Indians were pretty tough, but I think I gave them a good run for their money. The heavy chariots were the one real problem I found.

  3. Hi,
    Than,s, the figures are a mixture of manufactures, the Macedonian pike are Lancashire games, Macedonian cavalry for the most part are irregular minatures a are some of the Peltasts, there are donnington miniatures amongst them as well, I will ask my dad who the Indians are main.y made from, all the models are 15mm scale

  4. Your right Robbie, those Indians are tough, maybe a little bit to much in Hail Caesar, i don't think I have been any where near beating them in all the games I have played against them and those heavy chariots, I refer to them as a early version of the Tiger tank 😂

  5. i am just starting in ancieant annd bought a bunch of romans and carthegians for punic wars fun. I have the Warmaster Ancients rules but havent played them yet. DO you recommend that , hail caaser or sword and spear.