Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Maelstrom of war 40k game

At the weekend we had another try at 40k this time using one of the the malstrom of war scenarios so we could have a try at using the tactical objective cards and upped the points of our armies to 2000. This was maybe a little ambitious as we had only just reached turn five when our time ran out,(still forgetting a lot of rules in the codex of the armies) however at this stage of the game my blood Angels had amassed a decent lead in objective points and my dads chaos marines would probably have struggled to over take this amount. In this particular game the cards drawn favoured myself as the objectives happened to be in my deployment zone. The high light for my blood Angels was the destruction of the Defiler who became the centre of attention when I drew a card gaining victory points for destroying a model of 10 wounds or more as pretty much my entire army targeted the said model, in particular the devastor squad lascannon proved very effective causing 12 of the defillers wounds. Again it was a fun game and definetly the game play has improved massively since we last played warhammer 40k a number of years ago. 

Plague bearers take shelter around the Defiler 
A tactical squad in support of the the devastor squad who whomwas making their debut on the table
The Chaos rhino advances down the road transporting a squad of chaos marines as the DG plague marines defend the ruins
The chaos Lord cares into the dreadnought with both sides inflicting casualties in the combat Roun.
The Thunder hammer and shield terminators teleport onto the board and challenge for the objective by charging the unit of place bearers
The building Beamer worth D3 victory points at the start of turn 3 the Sangullian guard swooped down from the skies to protect the devastor and scout squad holding the objective from any deep striking chaos troops
The blood Angel terminators were charged by the death shroud guard who's massive scythed weapons eventually over come the terminators invulnerable save  
The dreadnought locked in combat with the chaos Lord  was swamped by the chaos marines who disembarked from the rhino and a couple of demonettes  who had survived a salvo of Bolter shots the previous turn. The result saw the dreadnought dragged down but not before it exploded killing the demonettes and  chaos Lord
The Deamon Prince readies its self to charge against the space marine tactical squad 
Chaos raptors drop from the skies ready to assault the Baal predator tank
The Sanguinary guard score victory points for holding the chapel which was quite apt I felt

The devastor squad and scouts hammer the final killing shots into the chaos Defiler destroying the chaotic machine scoring yet more victory points for the blood Angels 
Bloodletters are summound and they reenforce the DG marines in the ruins

The battlefield at the start of turn 5 where we had to call it a day due to time. 
This weekend should see my dad fielding a death guard (DG) force in full so I'm  currently having a read of the DG codex to prepare myself for the game, some scary stuff indeed coming my way 😱

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