Friday, 12 January 2018

Finally able to update

The mighty imperial and renegade Knights 

My blog has been quite over the last few weeks, not just because of the Christmas & New Year festivities but for some reason I have been unable to upload any photos from my iPad onto the blog page. However somewhat out the blue while sat on my dinner at work it suddenly decided it was going to work (hooray) so I have uploaded a few photos of a 40k game I had with my dad over the Christmas holidays. We finally decided to field our mighty imperial/renegade knight(s)  in the game for the first time while picking approximately 2000pts each on top of this to play a open war game. My blood angels fell short of snatching a very unlikely victory from the Death Guard on the last turn in what was a fun game despite my dad destroying my imperial knight on turn 3 😢. 

Initial Death a Guard deployment with the Plague crawler (tank) also making its debut in super quick time. I bought this model for my dads Christmas present and by New Year's Eve it was completed and it added some heavy fire power to the ranks of the death guard.
Blood Angels Devastor squad tasked with laying heavy fire into the machines of the Death Guard force
I love the Imperial a Knight model but alas it was only to survive one more turn after this picture after losing its 24wounds..ouch
A tactical squad in close combat with plague bearers. I just could not kill off this unit to claim the objective as my dad kept saving with his disgusting resilient save and summoning them back when he did fail
Typhus and his body guard arrive from the teleport chambers into the thick of the fray
The Primaris Intercessor squad quickly turn to face the threat of the winged plague Deamon who has just finished ripping apart my devastor squad
After been riddled with Bolter Fire The Deamon prince turned his attention to my Primaris Warlord but despite its best effects it proved the lesser to BloodAngel in combat
The blood Angels librarian joined the fight against the plague bearers on the centre objective but not even his force axe could swing the balance. Somewhat ominously for the remaining marines the Death guard terminators were advancing to join the combat.
My last gasp move saw my Sanguinary guard arrive from the skies to attack the objective in my dads deployment zone, however two of the plague marines survived to continue to hold the objective in the death guard favour.
The Defiler gets to grips with the assault terminators as the death shroud guard also attack the blood Angels terminators. However the shields invunreble save proved more than a match for the attacks and in a final albeit fruitless moment of glory the terminators thunder hammers brought down both of Typus bodyguards.  
At the end of turn 5 my dads death guard held two of the three objectives claiming victory on the day.

I took a photo of my Blood Angels army to show the progress I have made over the last 5 months or so which I have to say I am pretty pleased about. I don't have loads of spare time to get my painting done so to see them like this on the table top made me feel those late nights were well worth it 😀
Since this photo I have some more bikes completed aswell as the fantastic redemptor dreadnought I got for Christmas from my parents painted and ready for action, hopefully I can gain revenge on the traitorous marines for the destruction of my precious imperial knight .

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