Monday, 16 May 2011

Flames of war Canadian 3rd division v Panzer Grenadiers 2000pts

Flames of War Bocage game

We decided to have a go at fighting a game using the bocage rules for the first time. The game itself ended in a draw with both forces unable to capture the objectives, however i as the Canadians lost 3 platoons to the Germans 1. The game was fun to play although it proved very difficult to kill teams as for the best part they are in bulletproof cover from the hedges and also been able to draw a line of sight to your target proved difficult. Also my armour ended up getting quite bogged down as my leading vehicles were destroyed blocking the road meaning the following vehicles had to take a skill test to pass... and believe me if i am the master at bogging down my vehicles!! The game was still great fun and  i felt it  looked stunning so here are a few pictures ( click on them to see them on a larger scale ) of the game unfolding.............

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