Sunday, 15 May 2011

Warhammer 40k Chaos Marines v Ultra Space Marines 1750pts

For this evenings game we decided to have a 40k civil war game between the two hated foes of the Chaos marines v Ultra Marines. The scenario we decided to play was from the Battle missions scenarios book and was The Black Crusade. In this mission you get a kill point for every enemy unit you destroy, however all non - vehicle units are placed into reserve once they are destroyed and on the correct reserve roll they enter back into play via your own table edge... this was looking as though it could be a very bloody game!
My army was as follows:

I placed my terminators and lord into the Land Raider, my Khorne Berzerkers into a rhino as i also did with my chosen marines. The plague marines accompanied by the sorcerer occupied the middle of my deployment zone and the chaos marine squad were on the left flank. Facing me were 3 units of terminators, 3 squads of space marines and a squad of assault marines led by Marneus Calgar

I decided to attack the space marines as quickly as i could, if i could get into melee with out receiving to many casualties i felt i would get the upper hand as most of my chaos army had Khorne icons granting them an extra attack. I hoped with the resilience of the plague marines would mean they could hold the centre for long enough to get my supporting units into the action and use the sorcerer with the lash of submission spell to keep disrupting the space marine lines ( if the spell is successfully cast it enables you to move one enemy unit 2D6 in any direction ) well that was the plan and here are some photos on how the game panned out.

Chaos marines supported by the land raider prepare to assault the jet packed assault marines

The chosen marine rhino puts it foot to the pedal and motors across the board to where most of the action is happening

After a round of fighting a squad of space marines join in the melee between the assault marines and chaos marines helping to destroy the chaos, the assault marines were down to their last man. The rhino with the khorne berzerkers in fires its smoke to protect it from those pesky missile launchers in the marine squads.

The land raider moves towards the space marine squad who destroyed the chaos marines unleashing my twin armed lightning clawed terminators and Daemon sword wielding Lord. Despite the worst efforts of my Lord ( he rolled a one on the dice with his D6 attacks from the daemon sword meaning he wounded himself and lost his attacks for that turn ) the terminators made short work of the space marine squad.

The chaos terminators and Lord managed to see off the assault from a squad of power fist armed space marine terminators but couldn't kill Marneus Calgar, he managed to save 4 wounds via his invulnerable save! In return he killed my Chaos lord with his power fists.The newly arrived chaos marines shoot and kill the last assault  marine.

After a couple of rounds fighting the plague marines are still keeping the terminators locked in combat, this allowed me to move my rhino with the Khorne berzerkers into a position to dismount and charge next turn. This would mean a total of 40 attacks coming and even terminator armour is going to struggle against that many attacks!

Marneus Calgar locked in combat chargers his power fists ready to destroy the remaining chaos terminators, the terminators managed to inflict 2 wounds on him.

As expected the khorne berzerkers won the combat and the rhino with the chosen marines conceals its self in smoke. The space marine assault marines and terminators re-enter the field.

Marneus Calgar defeats the remaining chaos terminators before he is riddled with bullet ( or laser ) holes.

At the end of turn 5 we rolled the dice and  rolled a 5 so the game continued for another turn. The 3 remaining  plague marines jumped into the rhino and reversed into cover to try and stop the marines grabbing another 2 kill points, the chaos terminators and lord re-enter the battle field. The space marine terminators with hammers and shields charged into combat with the chaos marine squad.

The chaos marine squad finally fell the last terminator to put me up 7 kill points to 5 up.

Posted by PicasaThe Khorne warriors returned into play and i consolidated my position with the remaining troops
 to keep out of harms way. However the rhino carrying the plague marines has been immobilised in a previous turn and  when i failed to repair the rhino it left it in assault range of the oncoming space marine terminators who assaulted and  destroyed the rhino. The plague marine passengers survived the explosion due to there strong armour save ( i had hit myself  3 times with the explosion, this could have wiped out the remainder of the unit if i had failed my armour save meaning the score would have been 7 - 7 ).  At the end of the turn we rolled the dice to see if the game would go into a final turn, a 2 was roll so the game ended, i had managed to just about hold on in what was a very bloody to and fro game to hold the bragging rights for the time being!
CHAOS MARINES 7 - 6 Space Marines

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