Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Vikings v Saxons affair

My dad had finished painting his Saxon and Viking armies so we decided to play test a game using Peter pigs rules (not sure of the name of them though I'm sure when my dad reads this post he will tell me). The rules are some what different from all the other games we play and set up some interesting challenges. Basically you have 6 dice per unit to do an action, depending on the degree of difficulty of the action you have to beat e.g +3 on one of them dice. If you are successful you discard one of the dice and preform another action and so on till you decide to move onto another  unit  or you fail meaning your entire turn is over! ( which I managed twice trying to activate my first unit) I played the Vikings in a raid scenario, basically loot as much from the Saxon villages and kill as many Saxons as possible. Come the end of the game you tally up your victory points to see the outcome of the game. In thus particular raid my Vikings plundered very little, burning most of the villages down in the process of searching them, and taking a bit of a battering when the Saxon forces started to arrive from reserve. The game was fun and give food for thought about how I will go about it next time I raid the lands of England. Here is a few snaps of the game.

Viking units enter the table edge

Searching the first of the villages they manage to set slight the huts

The Saxon bodyguard defend the fort

Saxon reinforcements arrive to defend the villages

The Vikings loot the villages gathering prisoners and live stock, but no gold was to be found

The two forces ready themselves for battle by changing formation into shield walls

Missile fire weakens the Vikings unit

A unit of Vikings with its plunder in tow

The axes of he Saxons break the battered Vikings in combat

Taking heart from their brothers in arms a second unit if Saxons led by the general rout a unit of Vikings

The remaining Vikings start to pull back with there plunder as the battle draws to a close

The Vikings have some success in combat as the unit led by the general destroys a Saxon unit, despite the Herat to its flank.

The Vikings get ready to protect there plunder

Saxon axe men push into the villages

The Saxons successfully defend their fort

The outcome of the Vikings searching!!

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