Monday, 18 November 2013

Ancient project underway..........

After playing a few games under the rule set Hail Caesar and really enjoying them I have decided to collect myself an army to use. With plenty to choose from I finally opted to do Alexander's Macedonian army or with the addition of a few elephants, his successor army. I have made a few purchases to get me under way and as ever I am lucky enough to have a Dad who very kindly paints the troops for me  :-) , I am very happy with the results so far, here is a couple of pictures of how they are progressing,

Three Heavy Phalangites infantry units, figures are Lancashire Games

Two units of Mercenary Greek Hoplites also Lancashire games

And some mounted troops, Companion, Thessalian medium  and Thracian light cavalry, all by irregular miniatures.

I will be making more purchases  hopefully this  weekend at smoggie con from Irregular miniatures and I'm also looking forward to see the models from the forth coming Forged in battle ancient range, from the pre view pictures i have seen on there web site they look fantastic and if there WW2 range is anything to go by I'm not going to be disappointed.


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  1. At last we have drawn you into the Light :o) they look great.