Sunday, 9 February 2014

Maccadonians coming along nicely.......

My dad has been busy rebasing my Macedonian Pikemen as we decided to put the figures in three rows per base to represent the Phalanxs better and on seeing the finished results I am pleased we did,  Here is the first division completed.

The division compromises of 3 x Phalangnite  heavy infantry, 1 x Hypastist Phalanx, x 2 skirmishes slingers and a command stand.

The shields now have the recently purchased Macedonian Star transfer on them.

Hypaspists in a Phalanx formation with shield decals, i have used a different star design to represent that they are the elite unit.

My second compete infantry division is the Greek Mercenary Hoplites. I hadn't realised that these units to were in Phalanx formation so these to have been rebased into 3 ranks. Along side the 3 Hoplites Phalanxs are 2 x light infantry Peltasts  and 2 x Cretan Skirmishes armed with bows and command stand.

The Hoplite shields have a mixture of the new shield transfers I bought at York and I think it really brings the units to life.

And finally the first of my completed Light bolt thrower, model by Xyston and a unit of Thracian Rhomphaia Peltasts, these are Magister Militum models, I am really pleased and how these look :)

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