Monday, 3 February 2014

Vapnartak 2014

Despite the debacle of a Derby performance to forget for a second year in a row with our not so dear friends from across the Wear I still had a lovely time down York and a enjoyable day spent at the excellent Vapnartak wargames show. Just as with previous years there was plenty of trade, some impressive display games, the WW1 game (I think) between the French/Germans particularly caught my eye and a very busy throughout most of the day table top sale. The show seemed to be busy throughout the entire time I was there which was until around 1.30pm, my daughter even made an appearance for an hour although I think she was a little unsure about the crowds of people. Still the most important part was the buying and I managed to get everything on my shopping list bar my Macedonian pikes as Lancashire games weren't there, so these will be ordered tomorrow. I did however manage to get my remaining Companion cavalry and medium cavalry and remaining Hypastist infantry from irregular minitures , I got some very nice javelin skirmishes and Thracian armed Romphia/Javelin  troops from Magister Militum along with all my shield decals and also a couple of light bolt throwers and a Alexander personality pack from Xyston Minitures which look really nice.
Still with some money in my wallet I couldn't help myself and found myself buying some more Germans for my WW2 collection. I recently bought the fall of the reich BattleGroup supplement and fancied doing a real miss match Aux platoon. I picked up all kinds of packs from Peter pig ranging from U boat crew through to Grenadiers armed with Russian SMGs to aeroplane pilots. I think when these are finished they will really capture the feel of how mix and match the German army was in there defence of Berlin. I also bought enough Volkssturm riflemen/Fausts for a full platoon and finally with my last £7 I bought a Sherman M4A3E2 Jumbo tank for my Americans.
All in all it was a good show with plenty to do and see, next show will be Middlesbrough in March so plenty of time to think what to buy next.

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