Monday, 7 April 2014

Ireland 1690

1690 in the countryside of Ireland...........

Sunday evenings game saw me try my hand at a game of Pike & Shot using the armies of William of Orange and King James II. The period is completely new to me and for my first go I think I faired reasonably ok, well if you don't take into account that I managed to get William killed leading a rather rash cavarly charge! Midway through the game I was close to been over run and I was fortunate my Dad managed to roll a few poor command rolls halting his attack and allowing to get my reserves into a more solid defensive line. My cavalry to managed to redeem themselves after a poor start to the game, although they ended up broken, they managed to break James cavarly in return. My elite troops faired well and managed to rally their disorder off at the start of most of their turns unlike my dads elite troops who spent lot of the game disordered. For the best part my shooting was poor, especially my first volleys which I'm sure were fired with wet powder.
Playing Pike and Shot was very different tactically from Hail Ceaser which I'm am starting to get to grips with, however I few more games and ill start to get a better understanding of he rules and tactics.
Here are a few photos of he game,

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  1. Neil,
    You want to be careful, youre becoming a proper historical wargamer, lovely looking game, as usual.