Sunday, 23 March 2014

A Sunday ACW Scenario

                                                  " PLATVILLE VALLEY"                     

The scenario was taken from an old Don Featherstone book and the rules used again are our own adaption of Command combat Civil War 1861.

The objective of the game was to control the valley which was set just off centre of the table, initial forces on the table were our Vanguard who were entering the table along the roads ready to make a early dash for control of  the valley, we wrote down the entry of our other 3 brigades who entered  the game around turn 3. I took control of the Union and my Dad was in control of the Rebs.

Both the Rebels and Union Vanguard advance along the road towards the valley

The Rebels reach the valley first and deploy on top of the hill

Union reinforcements arrive running in column to reach the centre of he field

The first real attack of the game saw my Union troops attack through the valley and engage into a fire fight with the rebels on the hill steadily getting the upper hand. 

Rebel reinforcements troops head through the farm buildings towards the valley which was under attack from a large Union assault.

Holding the left flank with only battery of guns for support the Iron Brigade take refuge behind the picket fence in the corn field, the rebel forces attack in numbers but the Union veterans hold their own. 

Full steam ahead the Union assault goes forward. After winning the fire fight the rebel forces are forced back from the hill and the Union forces push into the vacated position. The Union 3rd brigade pushes forward to support the attack.

Not allowing the Union to have it all their own way the Rebels are pushed onto the offensive  by their CnC on Union right flank, the Texans charge into combat winning but failing to break the Union infantry, a second Confederate units charge is repelled from counter fire.

Far on the right flank dismounted cavalry troops engage in a skirmish fire fight in the woods, these woods must have been more like a dense forest as neither side could muster a hit!

Still the Iron Brigade remained steadfast due to some poor rebel shooting, they held the Confederate advance right until the final turn when they were finally forced to retreat back through the field.

Finally some fine Rebel shooting  had started to force the Union right flank back and  pushing forward they took the vacated ground.

The Union advance had stalled in the centre and while they were busy rallying the Rebels regrouped and charged back across the hill.

Heavy fighting along the valley, slowly the tide was turning in the favour of the Confederates.

YeeeHa ... The Union right flank starts to break as the Rebels start to turn the screw.

The final position looking across the table.

Time was up and after initial success my Union troops ran out of steam, the second half of The game had seen my Dads Confederates start to take the initiative.
I had been unable to get full control of the hill across the valley and now was been forced back onto the defensive. My right flank had been given a hard time and were beginning waver under the the Rebel attack. Luckily I had managed to draw two of the combats on the final turn, in turn managing to save my right flank and handing the Rebels what would have been a victory. 
In the end though the outcome was declared a draw, a very hard fought draw for both sides.


  1. That is an awesome looking game Neil! Nothing wrong with a draw.

  2. Nice report with beautiful pics!