Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Macedonian v Indians

My Macedonians were given a run out on Sunday evening against their old foe my Dads Indian army. With my latest additions we could field a game of a 1000 points aside, way to much for an evening game but what the hell we decided to do it anyway!

I slightly changed my divisions around, mixing my companion cavalry with my medium and light cavalry  

My dad fielded his Indian Elephants in units with skirmishes supporting them for the first time

Indian light/medium cavalry and chariots in support of  the Indian infantry

The following photo is how my right wing cavalry division spent all the game bar the last move. After blundering their command roll on the first turn, the light cavalry and horse archers turned tail and retreated two moves never to return into play, the rest of the cavalry failed every command roll until the final turn

As much as I tried I couldn't quite get the right command throws to push my attack in the centre in a disciplined order and became somewhat bogged down with limited success.  My dad faired little better  struggling to get good command scores, I was starting to think buying us the new warlord games Roman numeral dice for our ancient games was certainly not bringing us much luck :) 

My left wing cavalry faired much better and after my light cavalry and archers softened up Indian mercenary Hopilites my Companion cavalry crashed home and broke the division swiftly 

Indian war elephants somewhat reluctantly head towards the massed ranks of Macedonian pikes, not that I would blame them

My first division of elite Macedonian Phalanxes battle against the Indian foot troops gradually pushing them back and putting that division on the brink of collapse, however I suffered to and lost my Hypastists through arrow fire, one casualty, morale throw of double one = Hypastists break pppssstt 
so much for been elite! Also one of my Phalanxes had become spent  in the melee phase meaning my division was starting to waver slightly.

Skirmishing in the woods.

With my right flank cavalry clearly not interested in taking part in the battle my phalanxes are flanked by the Indian left wing.

After becoming flanked and disordered by a lot of arrow fire their was little I could to do but brace myself for the impact of the Indian elephants which duly came and smashed my phalanxes  one after the other shattering my infantry division. Ouch

That turned out to be the last move, both my dad and I had lost one division each so all ended in a draw. As I mentioned earlier the game was to big to play to a finish in a couple of hours gaming time so next time we will scale it down abit, also those new warlord dice might be getting put on EBay if they keep behaving in the manner they did in this game for both sides  :-) 

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