Saturday, 12 July 2014

Competed Fall of the Reich Platoons

Here is my newly completed Fall of the Reich (FOTR) German infantry platoons, x 1 Volksstrum platoon with heavy weapon supports and a Auxilary platoon.

The Auxillary platoon I pictured as a right rag tag unit if any troop type the Germans could muster armed with anything they could put their hands to. To represent this I have used a number of various troop types ranging from Lufftwaffee piolets  Kriegsmarine, SS troops, Grenadiers in different theatre uniforms, troops armed with Russian sub machine guns and mixed them together, the command team are field police with a dog. The figures are Peter pig for the most part but I think some maybe command decision as I dipped my hand into my dads spares box to help complete the platoon.

I feel the unit captures the state of the German army available come 1945 .

My Volksstrum platoon are Peter pig figures and look really good with their civilian clothes mixed with bits of uniforms. The unit has a mixture of panzerfausts and rifles with the odd sub machine gun mixed in and and LMG teams. The heavy support comes in the shape of a MG38 tripod and a 80mm mortar.

How long this unit remains in its positions when they get on the table and start to come under fire top only time will tell!

Next up for the Germans FOTR army list will be. Massive Jagdtiger, Battlefront minitures are releasing a lovely box set for the tank which includes a Jagdtiger and dismounted crew and ammo loading teams which I'm sure il will find a home for in this army list.

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