Sunday, 13 July 2014

AWI dust up

Sundays game saw my Dad and I turn our attention to a AWI Blackpowder game with myself taking command of the British force. The game was back and forth and saw the both of us holding the advantage at various points of the game.

We Ramdomly rolled to see what raiting  our generals and brigade leaders would be with a mixed bag of results.
The first of the action saw my British line infantry engage in a fire fight with the American continental troops across the centre fields pushing the American forces back and shaking a couple of brigades with a very effective first volley fire from all my units.

The American continentals of the second division take a defensive position on the hill as reinforcements arrive to support th shaken units in the fields.

The Rebel militia defending the farm buildings, with a few Indian in support.

British line infantry break in the centre under deadly fire from the Continental toops which have arrived from reserve.

Things start to go from bad to worse for the British at this stage as my first division is broken in the centre after the two sides got involved in melee. The broken division now started to retreat from he battlefield 

After holding there ground for a couple of turns  the Hanoverian troops close to short range and unleash a deverstsing couple of rounds of shooting, breaking the Militia troops on my left, fleeing the farm compound

More sucess for my British as a second American division breaks after a fierce fire fight with the Britsh guards. In breaking the 2nd AMerican divisions my units had taken heavy casualties and had to hold there ground for a couple of turns rally some points off them.

The British militia reserve try to hold the line together behind he fence line as the broken British troops retreat towards the table edge. A blunder roll by my dad sees a shaken unit of Continentals suddenly find some courage and they storm forward rather recklessly into point blank range where they are duely shot up and broken. At this point he Ameican troops could not get to move due to my dad failing to roll a successful order for a number of turns. This allowed me to somewhat steady my right flank 

The final position , my dads right flank had complely collapsed the right centre had also been broken. However the left flank was still strong and was only opposed by my 3 brigades of militia. 

At this point it was time to call it a day. It was a see saw game which saw after I had taken the initiative  in early stages my dad hit back hard with good success in the centre. If my dad could have passed a few important command rolls he would have broken my entire centre but it wasn't to be. With this restbite i was able to launch a strong attack against my dads right flank/centre which saw my British gain great success in breaking two divisions of Americans. I was starting to hold the upper hand again and with my dad losing 2 divisions to my 1 we decided that the British had forced a minor victory.
It was a very good game, definitely a period I enjoy  fighting.