Saturday, 23 August 2014

Alexander the not so great :-)

Saturday night saw us fight a Hail Caesar game with Macedonian and Indian armies . The game was 800 point aside battle with me taking charge of the Macedonians.

The game was riddled with command trouble, seven blunders in total were rolled, 4 by me and 3 from my dad, two of my results saw my skirmishes and light cavalry take flight. Both our infantry really struggled to move more than one move so it was a very frustrating game although when I did get to charge my Hypastists they managed to break a Indian infantry division thanks to some quite horrendous morale throwing by my dad. The Indian cavalry and chariots divisions preformed excellently and broke two of my cavalry divisions on my left and held my Phalanxs attack for what seemed like an eternity ha ha with some amazing saving. The Indian elephants had begun to turn my right flank when the game finished due to time, so although the position didn't look to good for Alexander, night time had saved him and his army this time. With such poor command rolling from both sides, actually in the first turn my dad managed to fail all 6 of his command rolls, the game was always going to be difficult to get a outright winner.
Here are some photos of he game:

The Indian elephants make very slow process down the valley 

Alexander try's to get his army to move in order together but despite his reroll the slingers and Peltasts refuse to obey and the drilled Macedonian pikemen continue to move away without them. 

Both battle lines stumble forward and only the skirmishes really engage.

View along the Indian massed lines

Elephants again refusing to move

The Indian chraiots and cavalry await the massed ranks of Macedonian pikes.

The Macedonian left flank is destroyed with the loss of their cavalry divisions.

 These heavy chariots held on to the very end after been pushed back to the edge of their table. I swear they are the proto type for the king Tiger tank!!  They managed to just about save everything I managed to put on them, one instance saw 8 sucessful savings throws.
On the right of the photo a Indian infantry division collapses following the Hypastists attack and retreats from the table.

How the battle looked at the final turn.

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  1. Great looking units! Who makes the pikemen?