Tuesday, 12 August 2014

WW2....Take the Village

Sundays game was a WW2 affair using Battlegroup Overlord. The game was 550 points aside with me taking charge of the Germans and my dad the Americans. In the centre of the board is a bombed out village which was to be the objective of the game, for each building held would force your opponent to pick a battle rating chit at the end of the game to add to their battle rating, Also the small factory would force Your opponent to take a moral chit during the game if you held it like an objective.

Below are some pictures of the pictures from the game.

A German recce team makes a dash for the two story building to get a clear view of the battle field.

A Stug III G and a Sdkfz 251/16 flamethrower ( first time I've used this model in a game) move towards the village, the initial German forces make their move in support towards the village

US troops dismount from their half tracks and deploy behind the hedgerows ready to face the German attack.

A Pak 40 moves on to the table and heads to the hedgerows to position its self ready for the advancing Shermans.

A US squad occupies one of the village buildings and comes under heavy MG fire from the Stug Outside the opposing building.

Now in position the Pak 40 knocks out an advancing Sherman.

The sdkfz 251/16 had moved into position bymaking a reserve move at the end of the US turn, ready to attack the US held building. However I decided to shoot my Pak40 with my first order (see above) and my dad picked a break down chit due to the loss of the Sherman. This was placed onto my Sdkfz 251/16 and a 6 was rolled on the outcome table. The Halftrack caught fire and the crew abandoned it, so much for my great plans and shock value of burning out the US infantry controlling the building.

German mechanics hard at work....The result of another chit my dad drew yet another special counter. (In total my dad managed to draw 6 special counters during this game). A break down counter saw my Stug immobilised in the middle of the village

A Stug after been pinned by a M10 round  is flanked by a squad of American infantry who somehow miss with both their bazooka shots, in the German turn the Stug quickly hits reverse!

Wespe Artillery barrage.. After a few turns of wild firing the spotter on the hill finally gives the correct co-ordinates and the Wespe barrage hits home...

The result...As the rounds crash down a M3 half track is destroyed from a direct hit but surprisingly everything else escapes unharmed or pinned

German reinforcements... Arrive in the shape of another Stug and a Marder III M and head towards the thick of he fighting in he village.

Another bazooka shot fails to find its mark so the Sherman tank joins he fight and its flank shot makes short work of the Stug.

German infantry move into the village to try occupy the buildings. The Marder III M is destroyed when it fires first and misses at a Sherman tank who's return fire ko's the Marder.

At the end of the game both me and my dad managed to hold a building each, when we drew the morale counters I pulled a 4 counter to be added to my total and my dad true to form pulled a special counter adding nothing to his total. My battle rating was now at 36, two short of my break point, my dad was on 24. The last move had cost me dearly,10 morale points due to losing the Stug and Marder and my HMG team and the objective another 4 making my BR lose another 14 points. This took the game from been a draw to a tactical victory to the Americans. 

Although my battle rating was higher the game was still evenly balanced at the stage we finished, with both sides still with enough infantry and armour to push onto victory. A Close and fun game apart from my Sdkfz flamethrower breaking down before it dhot on its debut, I had such high hopes as well :-) 


  1. Great report! Thanks for posting. /Mattias

  2. Nice report, nice blog too!

    Shame about the Sdkfz flamethrower, but it always happens, your new and/or freshly painted or untried stuff always gets whacked in its first game...Its the law...it is with my stuff anyway.

    I'm pretty new to the Battlegroup rules, how long did this game take to play?


    1. Hi Yorkie,

      The games of this size usually run for about 2 1/2 hours, I'm pretty up on the rules now so I don't have to refer to the rule book to much during the game. For a game between two of you I think between 500 to 600 points makes for a good evening game and you still get to have plenty of mod.s on the table :-)

  3. Great report and great looking game. I have switched from 20mm to 15mm due to having a new gamer group who had lots of FoW stuff.
    REally enjoy the system and in 15mm you can get a good size game with out a table looking cramped.

  4. Great looking game as always.

  5. Hi Carl
    We to have switched from FOW, I really enjoy the Battlegroup rule system too,