Tuesday, 30 September 2014

French army ready for action....

My French army although not complete managed to get its first run out at the weekend although it was not to be a glorious debut. I will post a AAR on the game a little later on, in the mean time I have taken a few pictures of how the army is looking.

Up First is my 1st division of infantry. This consists of 2 brigades each made up of 4 Battalions line and 1 Battalion Light. Each Battlion also has a stand of skirmishes if you wish to use them. There is a command stand for each Brigade and also a Divisional commander.

A light battalion with the optional skirmish formation.

Foot Artillery Batteries consists of 3 8pdr guns. Currently there is one 8pdr Horse artillery gun.

The Cavarly corps currently consists of 3 Brigades each with there own commander, two my horse artillery guns have yet to be painted.

1st Brigade of cavalry (light) consists of 3 regiments of Chasseur cavalry

2nd brigade (heavy) consists of 3 regiments of Dragoons.

And finally the 3rd brigade (heavy) is 3 regiments of Cuirassiers, with the Horse artillery.

These pictures are the start of a 4th cavalry Brigade (light) which will be made up of 3 regiments of Hussairs

All the figures are Pendraken 10mm and are based for Blackpowder. This week end will see me hit  Donnington Park for the Derby wargames show, here I will be picking up my old guard battallions for use as the 3rd infantry Brigade and another 3 regiments of Cuirassiers aswell as limbers which i have pre ordered from Pendraken. Also while at the show ill be looking to add some more infantry, possibly in the form of some Italian infantry to add something different to the look of the army and also some characters in the form of be great man himself Napolian etc. 


  1. Beautiful! May I ask what basesizes you use?

    1. Hi, the base sizes are for Blackpowder played in cm. the infantry units are 20 figures based on two 40x20mm bases, Cavalry 25x25mm and guns are on 20x25mm.