Monday, 22 September 2014

Russian Big cats arrive...

Plastic soldier had a offer of 25% off last week so I took advantage and bought myself a box of IS-II heavy tanks. The box contained 5 IS-II with options to make command tanks and were a doddle to assemble, especially seen as those tank tracks were all one piece now. These big boys will be used in Fall of the Riech games. Also I noticed while on the plastic soldier website that they sold Russian and German spotter planes.

Russian PO-2 and German Henschel HS 126B-1 reconnaissance planes.

The planes are made by Zvezda, the German plane was ok to assemble but the Russian PO-2 was a nightmare, very tricky to get the wing stabilisers into position as the plastic was very brittle. I used the spare tank commanders from the IS-II box set to convert a couple of pilots for the planes and overall I'm pleased with the purchase(s), in all the order came to just over £21 with p&p hich you can't argue with.

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