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Guildford Courthouse

                                              " GUILFORD COURTHOUSE 
                                     North Carolina 15th March 1781

Last weekend we re fought Guilford court house using the scenario and army lists from the Blackpowder AWI supplement Rebellion. I took the roll as Lieutenant General Earl Cornwallis leading the crown forces against my dad who took the role as Major General Nathanael Greene leading the rebel forces 

The deployment looking up the table from the British table edge.

The British force confronted by the Rebel forces.

The opening moves saw the first sucess go towards the British as a unit of North Carolina Militia broke due to their wavering special rule after a couple of volleys from the British muskets. A second unit of militia were shaken and retreated back towards the wood line from the superior Hessian shooting. The only real negative for the Crown forces was O'Hara's brigade blundering and retreating off the board... And they call themselves Guardsmen!

The militia are not to keen to stand and trade musket fire with the British infantry and hessian Jagers

After a couple rounds of firing the British fix baynots, overcoming the closing fire to charge into the militia lines.

After a round of hand to hand combat the British won with some ease due to their ferocious charge ruling and with that General Eaton and Butlers North Carolina division was broken, the British pushed over the fencing and headed into the woods where Lawsons and Stevens brigades awaited.

Websters brigade push deep into the tree lines and start to push the rebel second line back though on the rightLesies brigade find the awaiting Stevens Brigade of Virginia militia and riflemen a much tougher nut to crack, especially with Lees legion Cavalry ( light Dragoons ) who manage to flank and hold two British Guardsmen for a couple of vital turns  slowing the British advance.

After breaking the second Rebel brigade as Lawsons brigade was broken in the wood by Webster  I had to commit Websters brigade onto the continentals on the hill line unsupported as my right flank had stalled. I issued a follow me order onto the 23rd foot and charged into the 4th Virginia veteran Continentals supported by the guards light infantry. Despite winning the round of combat the Continenals stood firm due to the steady rule they benefited from, in the following round with the loss of ferocious charge the British 23rdwere broken and Webster was killed in action. With the 33rd British foot infantry becoming shaken in a fire fight and my rather foolishly charging a medium artillery piece with my Dragoons and seen them break Websters brigade was broken and started to retreat back through the woods. The Rebel right flank had been victorious and held.

The desperate fight between the British 23rd foot and the 4th Virginia continentals for the hill, if the British could break this position they would win the game. 

But Alas they don't and instead are driven back shaken and disordered and pretty much spent.

With the British left flank attack over it came down to the British guards to try and win the day and they finally advanced Further into the wooded area after finally repelling the rebel cavalry. Stevens Virginia militia awaited the advance and despite the British first fire volleys they held there ground and readied themselves for the charge. Once again the time they held this ground allowed the continentals in the 3rd Rebel line to advance up to support.  

Lees Light Dragoons showed their worth again this time charging a massive three move charge thanks to a follow me order, flanking the Hessian  Reg't Von Bose infantry who had been on the losing side with a fire fight with the Virginia riflemen and lees veteran line infantry since early in the game  continually becoming disordered.

The 33rd infantry of Websters brigade come under heavy fire from the 2nd Maryland continentals and Singletons artillery and find themselves quickly becoming shaken and retreating.

Websters brigade starts to withdraw in the face of heavy musketry fire from the continentals 

Lees Dragoons led by General Edward Stevens break and ride down the Hessian infantry confirming their unit of the match status.

After finally shaking the Virginia militia and driving them back the guards of O Hara's brigade made one final charge against the 1st Maryland veteran continentals who had just rallied the previous turn with the help of Colonel Williams and their supporting artillery. In the following combat the artillery was overrun but the Guards 1st and 2nd Battalions came up short due to some rather impressive Rebel saving. Both guard units had become shaken and were forced to with draw meaning the British attack was now over, however In the combat they had managed to kill Colonel Otho Williams .

The final position at I think what was move 14. My attack had now stalled and it was time for Cornwallis to sound the withdrawal of his remaining troops. Both armies had lost 2 brigades each and both were very close to losing a third which would have won the game for either side. The final line of Americans proved one step to far for the British forces. After a storming start breaking the first line of militia with little in the way of casualties I found the second line a little tougher due to the cover of the woods. Unfortunately the early blunder from O' Haras guard brigade deprived me of these infantry for to much of the game, if I could of used these to support Websters attack on the Virginia continentals on the hill I possibly could have swung the the game in my favour. I thought as did my dad that it was a cracking game, really back and forth with some heroic fighting from certain units for example Lees Light Dragoons were a major thorn in my side and despite eventually fallen victim to these cavalry the Hessian troops passed more break tests than I care to remember!  the scenario was really enjoyable and definitely something I would like to play again maybe next time been tasked with the command of the Americans.

The final position 


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  4. Excellent table and minis. Superb , I am so jealous!
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