Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Some photos of our latest War of the Roses battle

At the weekend I played my second game of Impetus using my dads now fully rebased War of the Roses armies. I am pleased to say i preformed much better than my last outing with this rule set and had a much better understanding of how the game mechanics worked. I did still make one or two errors due to me misunderstanding the odd rule, so the game proved to be a much closer affair. I took command of Henrys army this time and fought out a draw with my Dad taking command of King Richards army. At one stage of the game it looked might I might kill Richard as he became caught up in a melee with some Halberdiers only to be flanked by a unit of light cavalry, however his Knights entourage proved very stubborn and they protected their King ensuring he survived the battle, as for Henry he will have to wait until next time to claim the Crown as his own! Here are some action shots of the game:

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  1. Beautiful pictures with top notch armies, I really like the bombard and the archers, most impressive!