Friday, 10 April 2015

10mm ACW encounter

With my dad still unsure what rules to use for his 10mm ACW games we decided to play test Rank and File rules set as my dad had a couple of solo games under his belt. The game played very easy and the action moved along at a good pace. I played the Union force and after some fierce fire fighting ( and better dice rolling to day ), particularly around the action on the hill, I managed to come away with a winning draw. I was just starting to push the rebels back on there right flank after I had repelled the Rebs initial attack and my right flank was secure holding the farm area when the game came to a close. We will definetly have a second outing using the rules but as for a first go are concerned they ticked a lot of boxes. Here are some photos of the action.

The set up

The Union right flank takes refuge behind the fencingaround the farm house, 

The Rebels launch their main attack against the hill just off the centre of the board after ceasing the initiative.

The Unions launch a counter attack against the hill

Union troops quick March from the right flank to reinforce the centre and threaten the flank of the Confederate centre.

Union skirmishes occupy the farm house as the union rifle fire holds the rebels at bay.

The unions now push forward after checking the Rebel attack on the hill.

The union right flank holds fast in the farm area. The confederates struggle to loose their disorder for much of the later stages of the game.

The union forces make a final push to break the Rebel brigade in tne centre but the veteran morale of the Rebs holds strong despite some telling union fire at point blank range.

Close quarters fire fighting

The union troops start to attack the flank of the Rebel centre threading to flank them.

As night falls the Rebel line is still holding but only just as they start to take some heavy casualties.

The end of the game resulting in a winning draw to the unions!!

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  1. A beautiful table, and great looking minis, I really like the first picture!