Thursday, 23 April 2015

A Napolionics clash

Last weekend saw my dad and I run a French v Austrian battle using Blackpowder rules. We both pretty much used all our armies available and set to in a pitched battle. My Dads Austrains won the day after his Dragoons and Hussairs out maneuvered my Dragoons and caught them in flank and breaking them and also bettering the fire fire fight between two of our line infantry brigades. I managed to break a Austrain Infantry brigade due largely to the effective long range battery fire from my French artillery. In one last throw of the dice I committed my guard brigade into an attack on the hill where they overcame heavy cannon fire to charge into combat but ultimately were unable to break the Austrain infantry who countered with their reserve Currasiers forcing the Guard into retreat. A good afternoon game, here are the pictures of the action.

The first command roll of the game from my dad Blunder. This brigade blundered 3 more times during the course of the game.

French infantry  and Hussairs brigades in Attack coloum 

French light cavalry brigade leading the way with the Old Guard in support.

French infantry form into line as the Austrians engage in a fire fight.

French Hussars watch on as the Dragoons after early sucess against the Austrian cavalry are caught in the flank and routed.

Under heavy artillery fire a battalion of Austrian line infantry breaks

The Old Guard advance towards the hill with Currasiers in support.

The French infantry brigade begins to waver under heavy Austrian fire.

The Guard move onto the hill ignoring the closing canister fire as the Currasiers force the Austrain infantry to form square. The French line infantry in support were unable to capitalise as they charged into the square but were unable to break them

After been unable to break the square the French infantry are routed after the Austrain Currasiers and Grenadiers join the combat in support of the square.

After some desperate hand to hand the Guard fail to break the Austrian infantry and are forced to retreat giving the Austrains a deserved win.

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