Wednesday, 1 July 2015

A shifting in gaming Napolionics

My dad recently purchased the Blucher rules by Sam Mustafa after liking what he had read about them in various wargames mags, so at the weekend my dad asked me if I fancied have a trial game with him as he felt he understood enough of tne rules to have a crack at the game. We used our French & Austrian armies which were based for our Blackpowder games so we put the units onto a piece of card to represent the size of the base required for the game scale in Blucher. What was to follow over the next couple of hours was a very enjoyable Napolionic wargame. I must admit to have been instantly won over by the rule set, I really enjoyed the mechanics of the game and after only a few moves I felt like I had played the game before and that it wasn't my first time using playing them. It was a completely different game to how our Blackpowder games for this period played out, in fact it was so much better. That doesn't mean to knock Blackpowder as they are a rule system I enjoy playing but Blucher just seemed to really flow along easy although it throws up quite a few tactical decisions along the way and you can play big battles easily if you wish, they just seemed more suited to this period than Blackpowder. The great thing about this is we only played using basic rules, there so much more to be added to your games if you want to!
So the result of this game of Blucher is that my dad and I were both in agreement to swap over to blucher 100%! my Dad has already set about the tedious task of rebasing both out Napolionic armies so they will be on the correct scale. I think the troops look great on the new bases so I've added a few pictures to show how they are starting to shape up.

French line infantry division

Guard Heavy gun battery on line medium gun battery

French Hussairs and Currasiers  

The Austrian infantry

Austrian Medium gun battery

Austrian light cavalry, a mixture of Uhalans and Hussairs 

The only thing is now been able to play bigger scale games means I'll probably start getting itchy fingers to buy more French :) I will be purchasing the rule book myself over the forth coming weeks and I most certainly looking forward to our next game of Blucher,which when the armies have been rebased I will put up a AAR of.


  1. Wow, your napoleonics look fantastic. Looking forward to some battle reports!

  2. The look of the bases reminds me greatly of Volley and Bayonet from the 1990s- which was/is one of the best "big battle" sets of its day

  3. Sounds like a good game, may have to give it a try. I have 6mm Naps based up for Polemos, but going to use them for either Shako and or Blackpowder.
    The only thorn in my side is thinking of a new basing system for Shako to get more igures on the base for visual effect.
    Are base sizes quite important in Blucher or is it along the lines of Blackpowder?

    1. Hi,
      All measurement in the game is done by base widths,so you can base them for any scale. The book does give you recommendations on the size of bases but with you can base them to what want to suit the ground scale. The rules are really good and I would definetly recommend them!