Tuesday, 14 July 2015

French v Austrian Blucher rules game

We trialled a second Napolionic game on Sunday using our new choice of rules Blucher. My dad has been super busy rebasing both of our forces over the last couple of weeks and it definetly helped the visual look of the game with both armies looking really nice. The game didn't play out to well for me this time round as my dad had a habit of rolling poor command points for me, on average I would say I was getting 6-7 movement points per turn out of a possible 18 (I'm sure he was using D3's) where as I was rolling no less than 12 movement points at least for my dads Austrians. This played serious havoc with my battle plan as I lost my cohesion of my force and my troops started to become isolated as I was unable to push forward with my reserve troops. My dad utilised his cavalry well at this point and caught a couple of my French infantry divisions when they were badly shot up and were slowly retreating away from the front line the infantry were unable to put up much resistance. I did have sucess with the French and was pushing hard to break the Austrian left flank breaking a couple of divisions and silencing a battery, however with my guard division not getting the orders to advance in support of this attack it petered out despite a large presence of French light cavalry on the Austrian flank. A great game again and this Friday I'll be ordering my own copy of the rules, The Austrians took victory in the game, next time we are going to run one of the scenarios from the book in which the French are the attackers. Here are some pictures of the game unfolding.

The set up, all the units start the game concealed/hidden from your opponent until they are activated or become within 4base widths of the enemy.

The french first corp march on the Austrian left wing. The French artillery start to target one of the Austrian infantry divisions.

The Second French corps are taken by surprise from the Austrain Dragoons and hussars, although they manage to fend off the attack with little in the way of casualties. The Dragoons suffer and are routed from the supporting French artillery battery.

The first line of Austrians defending the hill line are activated.

On they come in the same old way, two French columns advance under the cover of their skirmishes

With my attack in full flow I activated a reserve move onto the light cavalry division who make a bee line around the wooded area to threaten the Austrian flank.

The French attack falters on the the Austrian left flank thanks to some fierce artillery fire onto the French  line infantry, forcing a unit to retreat from the front line.

With loses starting to take their toll the French charge into H/H combat  forcing the Austrians to retreat.

After suffering heavy accurate fire from the Austrian gunners a unit of French line infantry despite been prepared are easy pickings for the Austrian Currasiers and rout.

With the Austrian infantry retiring from the Left flank hill line the French Dragoons arrive from the reserves and charge the battery which is low on ammo

The old Guard defend the ridge of the major objective awaiting some orders of which never came.

With my 2nd Corp of line infantry still threatened by the Currasiers and in prepared positions the Austrain infantry charge into them but the french infantry hold.

The last move I made with the French was to charge the Austrian infantry in the rear. Despite this advantage of been able to re roll all missed combat dice I lost the Melee and was forced to retreat.


  1. Those bases really do look the business. What scale are the figures?

  2. Hello,
    Thanks for the comment,the scale of the minitures is 10mm,most troops are Pendraken with a few Magistum Militum figures thrown in.

  3. 10mm! It is a good scale - more detail than 6mm, but more of a big battle look than 15mm. You've certainly done a fine job on them.

    1. Thanks, my dad is to be credited for the armies so i will pass on the compliments :)

  4. Excellent report and I have to agree - the figures and bases look very good indeed.