Sunday, 2 August 2015

A bad day at the office playing Hail Ceaser

Well I'm beginning to believe that my Macedonian army is cursed, I'm sure I have not won once with this army and this afternoons game I certainly kept the losing trend up, really it was just one of those days. Basically my Macedonian army moved half way across the board stopped and then refused to move any further, It's not even as though they had been halted by a hail of arrow fire as the my dads shooting dice was at best Bad! No they just failed command rolls over and over again, chuck into the mix 5 blunders including one by my army General and a unit of companion cavalry charging a Indian archer unit only to suffer a casualty from closing fire, fail its morale test with a double 1 roll and rout and you start to get tne picture. By the time i chucked in the towel my army resembled a disordered rabble with no idea what to do or where to go ha ha, this was a sure example of a day the dice gods are against you. As much as it pains me I have still uploaded some pictures of the game although I'll spare myself the agony of writing a blow by blow account ;-) 

Javlinmen skirmish ahead of the Indian elephants

Thracian cavalry move around the house complex 

The Macedonian line stuttering towards the wall of Indian archers

Companion cavalry blunder their first attempt at a charge

Indian skirmishes Harry the Macadonian Phalanxs who remain rooted to the spot

The inevitable happens as the stationary Phalanxs are flanked as a result of failing their command rolls

I attempted a charge with my medium cavalry but they,yep, failed their order to do so.

The final action of the game as the companion cavalry break before they make contact with the Indian archers

Where did it all go wrong? The great inquest into their defeat begins........

And finally here is the first war elephant (magister Militum) painted to use for the Alexander successor period, a really nice model :-)

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