Thursday, 27 August 2015

Fantasy game, Vampires v Woodelves

The weekend saw my dad and I return to a bit of Fantasy wargaming with a game of Warband pitting my vampire army against my dads Woodelves. The game was close for long parts, but in the end the Woodelves got the upper hand as my dad just seemed to rally his troops at just the right time. When my army was broken a quick scan of the battlefield showed that a number of Wood elves units were down to their final point of morale. Another really fun game using these rules and we both definetly now  that our battles are becoming a lot more tactical. Here are some shots of the action.

Tree Ents who are as tough as,and a unit of spears taking refuge in the comfort of the woods

My Gargoyles managed to quickly get around the elves flank and launched a charge at a unit of Spearmen 

However the Spearmen win the combat and tne Gargoyles fall back as the unicorns move into the fray.  The dire wolves also made an appearance onto the elves flank.

Slowly the Mummies and Thralls move towards the hill line

Werewolves hunt for in the woods for the elves kin.

The Werewolves charge from the wood into a unit of archers, as the Vampire Lord leads by example and charges into a unit of elve Spearmen 
This was were the thick of the action was to play out. The werewolves would destroy the archers but the Gou,s fighting along side were to be early destroyed. The Vampire Lord won his combat
With the Gouls destroyed the Stag riders and Spearmen have the initiative and make there charge first into the werewolves rear. The unicorns and Gargoyles both join into the combat with the vampire Lord.

The Tree Ents make hard work of the thrall archers before finally coming out on top

The mummies join the fight to lend there muscle to the combat against the unicorns

After finally destroying he werewolves to tree Ents and stag riders flank a unit of thrall warriors

To little to late as my vampire Lord wins his combat and pursues into the highly weakened elf Spearmen.

The final positions on tne battle field as the Vampire army defeated.

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