Friday, 1 January 2016

2015 draws to a close

Happy new year to you all and a thankyou to following my blog over the last year. Quickly looking back over my wargaming year through my blog I noticed how many different periods I've managed to game, this has definetly helped broaden my horizons as far as the hobby is concerned. 2015 saw me cut my ties with Gamesworkshop and sell all my Warhammer armies I had remaining due to the current rather strange pricing strategy they have implicated of late, sorry but I can't be remorgaging my house to buy a new sigma game! However on the upside I started (all in 10mm) a French Napolionic army which has built in size well over the year, for the use in the brilliant rule set Blucher. Add to that the British/ Eygptian army I have all but completed along with a Mahdist army to fight the war in Sudan 1884+. I have replaced my undead army in 10mm to use in our new fantasy rules Warband which I have completed in full (yes I did say completed in full). All these armies most certainly would not have been completed if it wasn't for my Dad who as always without any fuss paints these armies not only in double quick time but also to a excellent standard,with a 4year old and 1 year old girl and a full time job to contend with these armies probably wouldn't see the light of day, so a big THANKS again Dad for all your help :-). finally for abit of fun I have started playing the X wing minitures game as a side project, which with the addition of the millennium falcon and a couple of new tie fighters in my Christmas stocking is moving a long nicely! Here are a few of my favourites of the year

Wargames Rules : Blucher by Sam Mustaffa
Best Read : Agincourt by Bernard Cornwall 
TV Series : Sons of Anarchy (finally got round to watching all 7 series)
Film : Starwars the force awakens ( bit of cheat this as I'm actually going to see it on Saturday but I know it Will be my favourite release of the year!)  
Wargames show : York Vapnartak
Favourite Wargaming period of 2015: Napolionic 

already one day into the year I'm mulling over what my 2016 projects will be, I have a real fancy for doing some Wild West action as a fun project, probably in 15mm and maybe a venture into either the Dark ages or another ancient army maybe....Ahhh choices choices....

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