Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Not one not two but three games of Dragon Rampant..

I got to play my first bit of Dragon Rampant on my day off and my first impressions were very favourable. The rules took no time at all to pick up and the games we played ran very smoothly without a great deal of reference to the rulebooks. The first game my dad had set a scenario up tocollect the   treasure tokens before your opponent. This was a quick play scenario to allow me to see how the initiative and movement works, my Orc forces quickly out manovered the drawfs thanks to winning the initiative rolls and good command rolls. Once this scenario was finished my dad used a wood elf force while I opted to still use the Greenskins in a straight forward clash between the armies

Wa arrghhh The Eagles feel the force of an Orc charge

Woodelves archers loosen their arrows into the Greenskins horde

The action came thick and fast and the Woodelves proved to be no match against the orcs in close quarters. The Woodelves failed there orders to shoot on a number of occasions which proved very costly. The ogres were devastating in this game and walked through all that stood before them, however the presence of my leader granted me a free move each turn which really helped but my dad managed to roll a cowardly result on the random table and his leader was unable to launch attacks! After a couple of hours I mopped up most of the elves and took the victory. So with another hour remaining before I had to take the daughter to gymnastics my dad got the drawfs out again and we set to a slogging match once more..

The elves failed to make their shieldwall in time and the results were not pretty for the elves despite them managing to kill an ogre they quickly became battered and failed to rally.

A pack of wargs lurk ready to attack the elvish horsemen as they rout the wolfriders

Orcs breaking through the Elvish battleline

The final game proved a full reverse of the the previous as this time I could not seize the initiative and failed a number of orders. The drawfs as would be expected were far tougher in melee and after been so successful in the pervious game my Ogres were smashed in a single round of combat as the drawf stone men rolled 12 out of 12 successful attacks wiping the ogres out in a single round of combat! After about an hour my Orc army had been comprehensively defeated.

The Troll slayers looking to meet their oath of a heroic death as they counter charge the orcs...they quickly become battered and fail to rally and ultimately flee ignoring their oath at least for today!

Under the supervision of The drawf King tne Heavy armoured drwaf Warriors battle if out with the trolls

The Greenskins have enough and flee from the battle 

A bit of drawf Magic "lights up" the Orc pricklers 

I think this is the first time I've managed three games in one afternoon and good fun it was to. Dragon rampant is a fun set of rules to use for a small size fantasy game and despite been simple to play they still have enough quirks and tactical challenges to keep the game interesting. I think I'll have to get my own a Warband for these rules now I've had a game, I'm tempted by some kind of beastman / chaos marauder army, it's about the only army I haven't collected or played with at some stage of my fantasy gaming life so it seems as good as time as any to do it :-)

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