Saturday, 20 February 2016

In a Galaxy Far Far away......

Last nite i managed to twist Catherine's arm into having a game of X wing so i could get to use my new space mat ive just bought. I was very pleased with the look of the mat once we got the models onto it and it definetly helped the bases of the ships have something to grip to. I picked a couple of forces with a couple of upgrades, the Empire had Darth Vader in my new Tie Advanced and the Rebel force had Luke Skywalker and also included my latest purchase of a B-wing fighter.

The Empire force, two T-fighters, Tie Interceptor, Darth Vader Tie Advanced
The Rebel force, Y-Wing, B-Wing and Luke Skywalker X-Wing Fighter
Catherine decided she wanted to be the good guys so i took the role of the Dark side. The object of the game was simple, to destroy all your opponents ships! However to achieve the primary objective i need to keep Darth Vader alive and Catherine needed Luke to survive the game to claim a all out victory.
The opposing spaceships move into position to attack
Some rather deadly dice rolling saw Luke Skywalker become the first casualty as he was critcally hit three times meaning evening R2D2 could not repair the somewhat battered X wing. My luck continued as Darth Vaders Tie advanced somehow managed to survive the game despite been hit by everything the Ywing and B wing could throw at him (the force was strong with the Empire dice this evening). Eventually i managed to destroy both the Y and B wing fighters and win the game but although i hadnt lost a ship both tie fighters and the interceptor where down to their final hit point so the game was a close one. We had alot of fun playing the evenings game and that was despite at one stage suffering a powercut (thanks Nothern Grid for texting us to say we will be suffering a short power cut after we had already lost the power, the pre warning was appreciated!) and playing under candle light for a short time. Next time i will be taking a Rebel force probably using the millenium falcon so Hans can go and search for his buddy Luke whos downed X wing has been detected on a planet in the Imperial sector :-)

Lukes X wing is downed from Vaders torpedos and combined tie Fighter fire

A Tie fighter hurries to Darth Vaders rescue as the B-Wing tails his Tie Advanced destroying its shields

the Tie Interceptor gives chase to the Y wing
the battle rages as the spaceships circle to attack again
Darths luck continues after somehow surviving the close range laser figher from the Y & B wing fighters who have target locked the Tie Advanced
the games up for the Rebels as the interceptor scores its second kill destroying the Y wing

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