Saturday, 9 July 2016

X wing game night, Empire raid....

We ran a game of X wing last night so I got a first chance to use my latest addition to my expanding fleet in the form of the Hounds tooth. I used the Raid scenario from the core set so we both had 100points aside give or take a couple of points here and there. My partner Catherine (who has been a willing?? Starwars gaming companion for me) kindly give me the roll as the attacker. With my attack squadron consisting of Bossk piloting the Hound's tooth with a few up grades, a Obsidian and Academy piloted  tie fighters and Soontir fel with elusiveness upgrade flying the tie interceptor I simply had to capture the 5 satellites across the gaming table in 8 turns or destroy the rebel fighters, easy right? Catherine had chewie and Luke Skywalker in the Millennium falcon with upgrades and two rookie X wing equiped with torpedos and R2 units.

The Hounds tooth, a really nice ship from the scum and villainy range.
The rookie X wing pilot wastes no time in engaging Bossk in the hounds tooth
I think the rebels had a grudge against Bossk as the falcon engaged the hounds tooth which quickly found its shields destroyed, although it did manage to capture a satellite.
A tie fighter outmanuvers the X wing as it becomes stressed closing in on capturing the satellite Just front of it.
The falcon turns its attentions to the tie interceptor who quickly escapes the Falcons presence and captures a third satellite.
The fighters try to out manovere their enemies
Bossk's debut ends as the hound is shot down by the pursuing rookie X wing who's shooting has to be said was remarkably accurate! 
After clinching the fourth satellite the Obsidian squad pilot made a dash for the final satellite  coming to with in one move of claiming victory, although out running the falcon the tie fighters last hit point was taken, after surviving the first attack by the X wing, it's wing man made no mistake sending the tie fighter spinning deep into space.

I made one last desperate attempt to reach the objective with my remaining tie interceptor in the final three moves available but unfortunately it was just to far away from the remaining satellite to out manovere the rebel fighters and with only one hit remaining the interceptor was easily shot down as it approached the rebel fighters who has covered the path to the satellite. Three attack dice from a X wing fighter all hit and all my Four defensive dice rolled a blank so that was that! It was such a close run game and I would have won it if I hadn't made a couple of silly manoeuvre mistakes early in the game and with a little bit more luck on some of my defensive dice. As it was the Rebel force, bruised but still completely intact had just about managed to keep the vital satellite communications open, great fun!

The victorious rebel squad fly back to base

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  1. Tough fight. That Hound's Tooth is one neat looking ship.