Friday, 13 January 2017

Sector 2..demolition...terminate...scenario

The a resistance force led by John Connor
The Terminator force
With most my Terminator Genisys miniatures now painted and based I decided to set up a game on Tuesday night and rope my partner Catherine Into playing a scenario taken from the Rulebook. The scenario was mission three:demolish which sees a random number of objectives placed on the board by both players (3 in this game), the attacker has to plant a detonator on the objective by been in base contact then in the following turn once they move away from the objective the charge is detonated and the objective is destroyed, by the end of the game the attacker needs to destroy more than half the objectives to win. I had picked a couple of forces of 750points, I took the role as the attacker using the resistance who were led by John Connor, I had Kyle Reece and 4 resistance soldiers in a pick up truck in reserve with the intention of arriving late in the day to help secure the objective, the terminator force included a cyborg infiltrator who is disguised as one of the resistance soldiers who's identity was unknown to me. Both forces had to deploy their troops in opposite corners from each other.

The table top at the end of the first turn
A squad of resistance soldiers move at the double up the edge of the table towards the objective deep in the right handside of the terminator deployment zone.
The main bulk of endoskeletons move towards the centre of the table, two of them were armed with a missile launcher and a flamethrower which is very deadly in the game of terminator once they get into range.
John Connors infantry squad move into the ruined buildings to meet the terminator advance, the missile launchers position themselves on the higher floors and engage the oncoming endoskeletons with plenty of sucess.
Another squad of resistance soldiers run towards the only objective in my side of the table, by the end of turn three I destroyed the objective without much resistance from the terminator force , one down 
With the sniffer dog approaching the cyborg infiltrator revealed itself amongst the squad led by John Conners lieutenant who was attacked immediately, somehow the infiltrator failed to cause an damage in the close combat allowing the lieutenant to escape.
At the start of turn 4 I announced my reserves would arrive, a D20 roll of 6-20 would see them arrive safely, 2-5 would delay them two moves and a 1 would destroy them before they arrive! Heart in mouth I rolled the dice..15 they arrived safely. Their arrival position was randomised and much to the horror of Catherine I rolled the corner right next to the objective in the terminator deployment zone, all I needed to do now was to jump out the pickup truck , open fire and destroy the endoskelton and spider dog to claim the 2nd objective and claim victory!
After a massive fire fight in the centre of the table the resistance missile launchers had cleared a path through the endoskeletons to open the way to the third objective, with the news of the arrival of Kylee Reece, John Connor and the remains of his squad dashed towards the third objective defended by the terminators behind the barricades deep in their deployment zone, this was now a race against time..
'Hasta la vista baby' as a terminator crawler has a couple of plasma rounds blasted into it as John Connor crosses the street rubble
Kylee Reece gets his squad to spread out so the flame cannon mounted spider dog would be less effective after it had previously accounted for 3 resistance soldiers in a single shot in a earlier attack on the objective. Despite firing at point blank range every single shot counted for nothing as the terminators high armour/resolution proved to resilient. More importantly the terminators were still in a position to defend the objective at the end of turn 4.
The red lights in the the eyes of the cyborg infiltrator go out after a lucky shot from remaining resistance soldiers plasma rifle.
With the second objective still contested a squad of resistance fighters make a desperate attack onto the third objective but are quickly gunned down crossing the open ground, only 1 from the 4 remained 
Kylee Reece ordered his squad to move into base contact and plant the detonators on the objective after a round of lucky shooting managed to destroy two endoskeletons and the spider dog who's resolution test failed this time round. However it was now the end of turn 5, with only one of the three objectives destroyed a roll a 4 on a D4 would see the game end and victory go to Skyet and the machines.....PHEW!!, a dice roll of 2 saw the game continue, if I managed to gain the tactical edge and  roll at least one activation on the fate dice I would be able to detonate the second objective and win the game and the terminators would be helpless to stop this.....
And that's exactly what happened, the luck of the dice saw me get the tactical edge and activate John Connors lieutenant (who escaped the clutches of the cyborg infiltrator) moved away from the objective and detonated it, destroying it. Unfortunately a resistance soldier was sacrificed as the objective was destroyed but it was a sacrifice for the greater good in the war against the machines.
With the sound of the large explosion signalling the second objective been destroyed, John Connor abandons his assault on the third objective and retreats under the cover of the supporting missile launchers who had more than proved there worth during the course of the game. The few  remaining endoskeletons tried to stop the resistance retreat but to little avail. At the end of turn 6 a D6 roll of a 4 ended the game, with two out of the three objectives destroyed it was, with a large slice of luck, a victory to the resistance in there war against the machines. The main turning point was the arrival of Kylee Reece who like in the movies arrived exactly were he was needed, on another day he could have arrived on the opposite end of the table which would have seen victory surly go to the machines, termiator  genisys is proving to be a fun game to play and has definetly grown on me the more I have played it, there is plenty of scope to the game to invent some narrative scenarios which will only add to the fun of the drama in the game.

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