Sunday, 15 January 2017

Some WW2 Action

After watching the movie A Bridge to far the other day it put me in the mood to want a WW2 game as it had been quite some months since we last had our WW2 armies on the table top. Last year had seen us move away from the battlegroup rules, replacing them with the Ironcross rule set, so we picked 600 points of Germans (me) and Americans (my dad)which give us a decent amount of troops and set about fighting a meeting engagement scenario .
German Stug's and infantry squads ready to advance
A Pak40 anti tank gun and infantry squads taking cover in the woods along with CnC
American GI's advance through the wooded area towards the German position
80mm mortar shells the Ametican positions 
American Infantry dig in around the ruins 
A 75mm Sherman advances and engages the German armour from a distance
A Stug tank becomes a casualty to the advancing Shermans as the Getman infantry move towards the ruined rail station objective
American infantry lay down defensive fire as a Sherman creeps through the woods to support the attack 
The German infantry continue to hold the ruined rail staion despite attracting a lot of American onto their position
The Bridge objective falls into the hands of the Americans as a Sherman is the first to move onto the Bridge crossing the river
More American infantry arrive from reserve late in the day
The German command centre desperately calls for reenforcements 
Three Stug's and a Hetzler are knocked out by the Dhermans having failed to cause any damage on the American Armour

Unfortunately the game ended before we could determine a winner,(the Americans were awarded a winning draw) this was mostly down to the fact that my dad and I were rusty on the rules after a long lay off from them, which led to us having a couple of lengthy stops rule checking during the game. This was a shame as I was really enjoy the game despite the fact I had managed to lose all my armour due to expert Marksmenship of the American Shermans but the stoppages proved worth while as we managed to 'iron out' a couple of rules we had been doing wrong up until now. We have decided to have have another WW2 game next week now that we have the rules fresh in our minds again, but this game definetly tweaked my interest again in WW2


  1. Thanks, I enjoyed that, I hope you are able to write up an AAR for next weeks game. I would be interested for you to add some notes re the particular rules that had misinterpreted. I bought the rules and really like their presentation and think they have a lot of potential, but I have found some things do need to be read several times for it to sit properly in the old memory box. In places, they felt like the final draft or that the authors have assumed we have their insight / knowledge into some of the mechanisms and have thereby shortcut in places on a full explanation.

  2. Neil,
    they are lovely armies.I know you are won over by the rule set.