Saturday, 8 April 2017

A little bit of kings of war action as the undead arrive......

Our last game saw a fantasy clash and a first outing using Kings of War for my undead army. They were opposed by my dads dwarf army in a straight up pitched battle which as can be expected from this rule set was a pretty brutal affair with lots and lots of destroyed units. Neither side could quite get the victory in the time we had but it was a mighty close game and a draw was a fair reflection of the action. The undead faired pretty strongly, they are slow to get into the action which they are in other rule sets , which can be frustrating but once they reach the enemy they can be very durable in melee and have some good units which can be very hard hitting. The game was was a nice change from the norm and next time we are going to try one of the scenarios in the kings of war book to add a tactical element to the game. Here are some photos of the action....

The set up
Undead catapult looks to launch its screaming skulls among the massed ranks of dwarfs
The dwarf elite body guard and organ gun
Troll slayers await their doom along side the rock elements
The over eager  werewolves try to swarm the steam tank for reasons they only know and pay the price as the trollslayers and dwarf cavalry (yep cavalry) counter charge with devastating effect
These dwarfs cavalry fair less well against the might of the blood knights and supporting undead cavalry
The troll slayers fresh from victory over the werewolves charge into the massed phalanx of undead Spearmen along side the rock elements as the stream tank stumbles foward into to the unfortunate Gouls 
The hard hitting Wrights prove more than a match for the rock elements
The undead  finally reach the dwarf battleline as the wraiths and soul readers charge Home
The lumbering zombie leigion finally overruns the flame belcher as the trollslayers finally have the chance to unleash their rage and meet their doom as the mummies enter the scene
The dwarf horde struggles to hold the wraiths and vampire Lord at bay
The Dwarf Lord charges in to inspire his shild bearers to glory
The rock elements are completely surrounded as the undead magic surges the mummies foward
Although they die easily a(for a second time 😄) the massed ranks of zombies pins down the trollslayers and dwarf horde for a number of turns
As do the rock elements who are quite literally chipped away at by the surrounding undead units
The remains of the dwarf army become surrounded in the centre as the vampire and dwarf lords battle each other in a challenge
The end of the game, with a lot less troops on than when we started 😄


  1. Hi i have shared your work on my 10mm Wargaming page and 10mm Wargaming group

    Take care


  2. Great AAR and top quality photos and armies as always! KoW is a pretty underrated system. Never had a bad game yet! Keep on blogging the quality!

    1. Thank you Dennis for the comments, they are not a bad rule set at all for fantasy games although not rolling any dice in your opponents turn is abit tricky to get used to...I can't blame the dice anymore for my heavy Knights dying as I fail every armour save anymore ha ha

    2. Reassuring to know you have bloody awful dice throws as well!!!

  3. Great battle report! Where are the Ghouls & Werewolves, Blood Knights from? The Mummys look like old Pendraken. Thanks!

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the comments, the blood knights are Kalistra figures, from their medival range I think if memory serves me right. The Gouls and werewolves are magistum Militum fantasy range

    2. Thanks for the reply. Im going to try 10mm Kings of War myself. I have Dwarves and will pick up another army, probably Orcs. Great stuff. I hope you post some more battles and army shots soon. Thanks again.