Sunday, 3 December 2017

ACW Demonstration game at Battleground Wargames show

Last weekend the Independent wargames group put on a demonstration game at the excellent battleground wargames convention bring the wargaming season to a close. We put a ACW gameon demonstrating  the Pickets Charge rule set using Robbie's wonderful 28mm ACW armies which he has just about completed (or so he led us to believe). The game attracted a lot of attention and a lot of positive comments which is always a satisfying outcome when putting on a demonstration game. The show it self seemed busy but unfortunately I really didn't get a chance to have a good rummage around the trade or get a chance to really check out the other games although from my fleeting walk around the hall the games looked to be of a excellent standard. I did manage to grab myself some 40k bargains from the bring buy stands which was a nice bonus to the day. The game didn't play out to a conclusion as is the case normally for demonstration games but hopefully it won't be to long to I can get a 'proper' game in using Robbies beautiful collection. I will leave you with lots of eye candy from the game......


  1. A brilliant looking game with a superb collection of Robbies ACW troops. I would have stayed longer for a chat but my usual effect of influencing Robbies customary crap dice throwing prompted me to depart rapidly!! Well done lads for a great game at an outstanding show.

  2. Thanks Neil for taking such brilliant images.I knew you had taking a couple, but I didnt realise you had so many. Thanks again for giving up your day, I know they are precious to you.

  3. A fine looking game. Nice to see the new armies in action.