Wednesday, 15 January 2014

ACW A battle over the rail line

The weekends game saw us fight a ACW game to play a new rule set based around the core rules of Combat and Command Civil War which my Dad has been working on. It has been a number of years since I last fought this period so for this game I opted to use the rebels. The game objective was to fight for control of the rail track and station at the crossroads. Both of us drew maps for deployment with most of my force been deployed to attack the cross roads area, with my cavalry tasked with harassing the union right flank and my left flank was to hold the woods for as long as possible to stop the union left flank from turning onto my centre.  Most of the Union strength was to their left flank with their cavalry facing off against mine.

The battlefield after deployment 

Rebel infantry march towards the woods as the union troops enter the other side of the woods.

Union medical centre and supply wagons and local preacher.

The union troops march onto the hill and enter the corn field ready to fire at the on coming Rebel troops.

Confederate artillery peppers the union troops on the hill to good effect with the support of he advancing infantry.

The fire fight in the centre sees the Rebels start to push the union troops back.

After initial success gaining ground in the wood the rebel infantry are out manoeuvred and  flanked by the superior union  numbers. Although they are comfortably beaten in the combat they don't break and only give ground.

The rebel forces continue to get the better of the union centre and break a regiment of infantry and continue to push the union troops back.

With the confederate cavalry managing to get around the union flank they charge and over run a couple of guns, seen this the veteran texans seize the chance to move towards the union infantry to point blank range despite been disordered.

As the confederate cavalry charge the rear of the union troops, the Texans pass their moral and overcome the union fire to charge into combat. Despite the inevitable outcome the Union troops pass their morale and fight for another turn before breaking.

The Rebels continue to gain ground in the centre pushing the unions back from the hill and the field

Union troops push the confederate troops from the woods threatening to over run the flank.

The final position, the Rebels have managed to gain significant ground in the centre and are slightly edging the position to their left flank. The Union troops have broken through the woods are starting to turn the rebel left flank over. With time at an end we called it a winning draw to the Rebel forces.

I really liked fighting this period and I felt the rules although very easy to play helped grab a feel for the period. I particularly enjoyed  Not knowing who was going to move there troops first from turn to turn as it really challenged your tactics, you have a token for each division in your army which is placed in a bag, in this game there were 5 Union and 4 Confederate tokens, each player takes it in turns to pick a token from the bag to see who gets to move one of there divisions. In one turn my dad got to move all 5 of his divisions before I could move any of mine which forced me change my intended plans for that turn, as the game progressed it became very important to draw one of your tokens to try and grab the initiative. I'm looking forward to playing an ACW game again and leading the Rebels to all out victory next time....Yeeeehaa

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  1. Looks good and sounds like an interesting set of rules. I like the tokens.