Thursday, 30 January 2014

Romans and Britons and a trip to York.

Shopping list complete and bags packed I'm off to York with the better half and the little one for a stay over ready for the Annual York Wargames convention Vapnartak 2014 on Sunday. This show is my favourite of the year, not far from home, good venue, plenty of trade and usually a very good standard of display games. I have finally sat down and accutually organised my Alexander army into divisions to see exactly I still need to buy. With my dads Indian army taking shape rapidly I will be using this show to get the remainder of my troops, fingers crossed the traders have them in stock.

I have just purchased the Hail Ceaser rule book seen as though Warlord games (arrived within 3days) had 10 quid off the RRP. Seen as though this is what I have been reading my dad and I opted to play a Roman and Briton scenario from the book. My dad took charge of the Romans suprise attack, who were tasked with plundering and raiding the Briton villages and Druids temple to recover lost Leigion standards. The Britons task, simple, sound the alarm and stop them.

The game was a bit of a disaster for me, I couldn't roll a command throw what felt like all night so I could not launch any kind of coordinated attack. Although the Romans were struggling with command rolls early on, I just couldn't take advantage of this, when my dads archers took a pot shot onto one of my war bands and scored one single hit and forced a morale throw I proceeded to roll a double one, the war band turned heels and fled I feared it wasn't going to be! 

When we called it a night although the Romans had not achieved all their objectives the Britons only choice would be to retreat and defend the stockaded village, the Romans were definitely winning the battle, so we called it a minor win to the Romans.

Here's a few snaps of the game.

The Romans enter the table as the herdsman runs to raise the alarm.

A neighbouring tribe enters the table at the start if turn 2 with a successful roll of 4+

A view of the battlefield after all the Romans had entered the battle

The chariots and light cavalry in open order were given he command to advance to shooting range....a blunder later they decided against that and charged head long into the Roman Legionnaires  with not so surprisingly little success.

Warbands head from the fortified village to head off the Romans, just not at a very eager pace.

The Druids fanatics get lost in the woods and spend most of their time failing command rolls.

Slowly but surely the Warbands edge towards the Romans.

The Romans had now formed a solid battleline across the field.

The Britons charge doesn't reach so the Romans counter charge destroying two Warbands and pushing the supporting Warbands back and wounding the Briton general. The Britons will now be on the defensive.

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  1. Looks very nice! Sadly my back is still buggered so I am forced to stay at home this weekend amd will miss York.