Saturday, 21 December 2013

A first go at the English Civil War

Last nites game against my dad was I my first stab at a English civil war game. Using Pike and Shotte rules I took command of the Parliament forces lead by Essex and my Dad took command of the Kings army. The game ended in a very close draw, both sides had lost Two Batallias each. Both my Cavalry brigades fought very well, breaking the cavaliers right flank cavalry and even breaking Prince Ruppets cavalry after repeling the initial charge, chasing the Prince from the field (I took a photo of the amusing moment) before been broke by the cavalier reserve cavalry. My infantry faired worse with Essex's troops breaking late in the battle. My infantry brigade to my left flank struggled with its command rolls all night and once they did get into the action it was to late in the day to make a telling contribution. It was a good and enjoyable game. Here are a few pictures of the action..