Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Back to the eastern front

The weekend saw us return to the eastern front for A  500 point Battlegroup Kursk game. Featuring three objectives, two of which were a village in either sides deployment zones and a train station in the middle, the side who controlled all three would win the game. I took command of a Russian infantry division and my dad picked a Infantry based force for the Germans with a platoon of Stugs and a 88mm for good measure.
My force in the picture above included a platoon of infantry with an additional squad and anti tank gun, a reccee foot patrol, sniper, 82mm off table mortar battery, HQ, Observer, KV2 and a supply wagon and a KV1 platoon and a priority 5+ additional artillery.
My break point was 29 and the Germans around 40. 
The game saw us both hold our village objectives throughout the game and tussle over the train station, initially the Russians held it but were forced to withdraw under heavy German fire. Although the Russian armour started to edge the duel against the Stugs my infantry suffered heavy losses towards the later stages of the game from some impressive German MG fire and put me on the brink of defeat. The final blow came when a well placed 82mm mortar round landed directly on top of my 45mm anti tank gun knocking it out, the following morale chit saw the Russians surpass their break points so the Germans took the spoils comfortably in the end.

Here are some photos of he game,

Civilians file past the rail station as the German forces arrive

A Russian KV-1s and supporting infantry squad pass through one of the villages

A Stug III enters the game, ready to use its reserve move to push forward. 

The deadly 88mm quickly deploys to cover the rail line and readies itself on ambush fire

Russian Partizan troops (i use them as my reccee infantry squad) scout ahead to try reveal the German positions 

As the 45mm anti tank gun deploys the KV-1 and infantry squads rush towards the train station

After using its reserve move to get into a better position the Stug III fires a round or two at the KV-1 causing it to explode into a ball of flames

German infantry arrive from reserve and pass the windmill with a Stug III in support

The German infantry command squad contest control of the station after destroying the occupying Russian infantry

After using its reserve move to flank th KV-1 the Stug III cores a hit but only pins the KV-1. In the following turn I used a tactical co-ordination with my HQ to sucessfully un pin the KV-1. A fire and move order later The Stug was on fire and the KV-1 was in reverse heading for safety before the 88mm could avenge the Stugs destruction.

After a back and forth fire fight with a Stug the massive KV-2 out of ammo is reloaded by the ammo wagon ready to continue the fight

Seen the Stug also been reloaded a KV-1 sneaks through the corn field to take a shot at the rear of the German tank, a direct hit results in the Stug becoming immobilised.

The game ending direct hit from the German 80mm mortar round destroying the anti tank gun with a direct hit.


  1. Neil, those figures and the game look great!

  2. Hi Colin, the game was a good one, I particularly like using tnevRussians as you get to use some cool clamped out vehicles!

  3. Beautiful pictures, love the terrain and the figures, very nice details too...a great batrep!