Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Macedonians v Indians battle

Sunday evenings game saw us run our second game of Hail Caesar using our Macedonian and Indian armies. Our forces had additional personnel since our last game in he form of my final pike phalanx unit, two units of Scythian Horse archers and another unit of Thessalian and Thracian medium/light cavarly for my macedonians and my dads Indians had a division of Bactrian mercenary troops and also a Ox pulled battle wagon!
The battlefield had a river running through the middle of the board which to cross your troops had to be in open order.
I deployed both divisions of Pikes on my left flank along with the companion cavarly division and on the right hand side I had my Greek Hopilites and Thessialan cavarly division. These were to slow the Indian left flank down while my Phalanxs pushed forward to engage the Indian infantry as quickly as possible. Alexander was on hand to help these two divisions keep moving. My dads Indian Chariot division faced off against my Greek troops along with his mercenary Hopilites and a infantry division. Facing my Phalanx's were two divisions of Infantry with elephants and the war wagon.

The Indian army battleline complete with the war wagon under the watchful eye of Porus on top of his elephant 

The Macedonian Greek infantry Phalanxs and Peltasts march forward as one towards the Indian lines.

My new units of horse archers, they made a typical debut in that one was killed very quickly due to archer fire and the other struggled to find its shooting boots all game, still they look very nice!

The massed ranks of Macedonian pikes move at a good pace towards the Indian battle line under the command of Alexander , despite coming under heavy fire the Phalanxs morale stays strong

After destroying two units of Thracian light cavalry and retreating the other two the Indian chariots head towards the Greek cavalry on the hill

The Macedonian pike are well within charge range and use their initiative to charge home, the Indians loosened their bows inflicting damage onto the Macedonian pikes but they pass their morale throw to complete the charge against the Indian line.

The Hypastists make short work of the Indian infantry and supporting elephant and the pikes push back a unit of Indian infantry and destroy one, however the final Phalanxs, despite winning the combat failed to break the infantry and had left its flank exposed to be charged by a unit of infantry, sensing the moment Porus led the charge himself.

Thessalian cavalry retreat from the on coming chariot division who declare to charge but fail their order 

After a little reluctance on advancing forward the Greek Hopilites position themselves between the wood and river, the Indian mercenary Bactrian and supporting infantry and elephants advance slowly towards them.

After the initial charge was repelled by standing archer fire the companion cavalry charge home, the elite Hetairoi rode down the Indian infantry and charged into an elephant becoming disordered at the prospect of fighting it, however the unit of companion cavalry failed to break the Indian infantry and were routed in the second round of combat.

Seeing the flank about to be exposed the Macedonian foot general joins the combat, after three rounds of fighting and despite becoming shaken, the phalanx morale holds firm and finally make the Indian troops give ground, thanks to being able to wound Porus meaning I won the combat by a single point.

The chariot divisions charge falls short again after another poor command roll

The Indian battle line is pushed back far from the hill closely followed by the Macedonian phalanx pike.

After surviving the flank attack the two units of Phalanxs withdraw to rally some points back from their stamina ready to fight again.

The end of game,despite making good ground and been very close to breaking a couple of Indian divisions on my left flank I had ran out of time. My dads chariot division just couldn't get the charge which I'm sure would have broken my medium cavalry division, so at this stage with neither side managing to break any of their opponents divisions the battle was called a draw.
It was a good game again and I'm really liking wargaming the ancient period. Im also enjoying using The Hail Caesar rule set especially now I'm starting to get to grips with the rule set, although I must remember the special rules for my troops, I forgot that my medium cavalry are drilled and the Companions are elite in this game!

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